Sunday, May 7, 2006

On Mothering.......

Last night was one of those parenting nights you remember
...a sick child you can't comfort.

I am blessed with a husband, and my children are blessed with a father, who gladly takes on these nights with more ease than I do. I don't think either of us slept much, nor did my son. I do know that my husband slept less than I did. When the children were babies he was quicker to wake than I was and often did the night feedings. He could get up, change and feed the babies and go right back to sleep; whereas I would often be unable to get back to sleep after those nightly visits. My mind would race and I would be drawn into the next day and what needed to be done. It is funny because in some ways I have always felt he had some inner sense for parenting that I do not. I can't imagine how parents do it strong they must be.

When any of my children are sick, I often think of parents who have a critically ill child. Just knowing how I feel when I watch any of mine struggle with the natural ailments of childhood makes me just not be able to fathom how a parent sits in the darkness of a hospital room watching their child struggle with life itself. It is an experience I cannot even begin to comprehend the depth of. The anguish of parents is a God given blessing...without it would we truly know the power of love?


In the quiet of the night I watch you sleep.
As I tuck you in and savior the gentle sounds.
I glance through the window and whisper out loud..
God, have I been the Mother you wanted me to be.
Have I held my children up and taught them to see.
Have I shown them that love should always be shared
Have I taught them compassion and reasons to care...
Have I explained the values by which You want us to live.
Have I taught them humility and reasons to give..
Have I shown them that life can't always be fair..
Have I taught them that You will always be there.
As I glance through the window You help me to see
That I am being the best mother that I can possibly be...

By Christine M. Newcomer

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