Monday, May 22, 2006

The Breakfast tour

As we have been in this house a couple of years we have been working to give it a face lift and some updating. The house was built in roughly 1995 and we bought it from the original owners. They purchased it from the builder, apparently it was a "spec house" for this development. The previous owners didn' t do anything with it cosmetically so it was overdue for some changes when we moved in (Feb. 2004). We got a deal on the purchase price and knew before moving it that we would get to work updating it. The 1st project was the kitchen. We thought we would have it done by June 1, 2004.....hahahahahhahahha! IT was done September 2004.

When we became proud owners of this house it had purple walls and vinyl flooring with little pinkish/purple flowers...2 walls were covered with a purple/darker purple stripe and there was a greyish/purple floral victorian inspired wall paper border around the entire kitchen breakfast area. The cabinets (which, were actually superior in quality) were a warm honey oak stain topped with an industrial cold, grey Formica counter-top. The main area of the kitchen was illuminated with a glorious Fluorescent light. The breakfast area was the proud location of the standard "cheapest possible" builders light fixture. Lets not forget the $5 faded vinyl mini-blinds in the bay window!!!! Oh gosh...was it purely ugly. Would that be pugly?

The breakfast area after

We added ceramic tile flooring, bead board with a sagey green stain on it and topped the walls with a slathering of venetian plaster. The windows are dressed in Plantation Blinds and topped with a black iron rod with blown glass finials from Pottery Barn (bought on clearance for $4.95 each! Whooohoooooo, I love bargains!). The fabric is actually a ready-made, fully lined valance from Country Curtains. I love their ready-made is definately worth the money.


  1. Don't laugh, but I actually LIKED the purple! The counter tops look marble or corian. I like that too. But I'm a little on the wild side about color.

    Your finished breakfast area is really nice!

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  3. LOL...I am generally a color junkie as well...but the purple was just a bit much. I suspect based on the time of the purple attack the builder was actually trying for more of a burgandy color and got purple...especially based on the huge early 90s Waverly print that was in the Masterbath.

    The countertops you got a peek at are the NEW ones...not the ugly grey formica. The new are black granite.

    Thanks for looking!

  4. hey our bathroom is the same color as that room you posted at the top. I love colors like that, can't wait to have our OWN home to do all that neat stuff! You have style, so can I pick your brain for ideas? :)


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