Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fried Pies, The Breakfast of Champions!

No, I won’t win “Mother of the Year” for our choice of breakfast today. I surely expect the Department of Children’s Services to show up anytime. Early this morning my little guy and I dropped off his older siblings and then headed to Jaemor Farms for some fresh fruits and veggies and a heaping-helping of fried pies. It has been a while since we have trekked over there, with the gas prices an all-- but it is so worth it!

My little guy loves their fried pies made with dried peaches, my older son is a blueberry fried pie lover, dear daughter loves the cherry and my sweet husband is particular to the fried apple done with the dried apples (they do both...fried with either fresh apples or dried). In the summertime we have been know to get up on Saturday morning and all load up and head over under the guise of getting fresher veggies; when I know, in all our hearts, we really only want a fried pie and some boiled peanuts (protein, doncha know!).

I know pie for breakfast is questionable to some, but it does have fruit in it (and not the over-processed, chemically added kind) AND we chased it with milk (well, that was chocolate milk...but milk, none the less!). There is something about looking in your rear view mirror and seeing the complete and total contentment of a little man’s face as he is strapped safely in his car-seat while he gobbles down that peach pie. I hope one day when he is old and runs across fried pies somewhere he will have warm memories about his Mommy and her occasionally deviate form of breakfast!

That experience is one of those kinds of cultural comfort zones for me (and also tugs at that part of me that wishes for a farm and all that entails). When I lived out of the south, not once did I ever run across boiled peanuts! Oh, and to combine the two is the perfect combination! LOL if you haven’t ever had a fried pie, you are truly missing one of the life’s delicacies. There are fried pies outside the south, but not many done where they actually grow the fruit!

I mean it is pie and it is fried...what else is there to know? THIS is the southland, ya’ll!

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  1. Ahhhhh! You are sooo funny!!!
    Har har har! Defax is out to get you ya know. O i love you!



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