Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy 2016!!! Let your Sparkle Shine!

Happy New Year.  After blogging for 10 years on my other blog I am apparently having trouble truly getting started again and immersing myself in the blogging culture that provides so much inspiration and motivation to write and share.  Maybe it is due in part to the very fact that I am learning who I am again, slowly...and finally, bit by bit, remembering what I loved when I started to journal online.  This rediscovery is not painless and is not a quick process in the least, but I am accepting it with as much grace as possible and find myself sometimes surprised and what I have loved and forgotten.  There are things that brought me complete and total happiness that I just stopped remembering as I stumbled through painful and stormy days in the last couple of years.  It is hard to imagine how much of your heart and soul you can let go of and never realize it. 

 Of course, maybe it is because I don't have the many friends and family who used to read my blog to help keep me involved that I don't turn here as much; but I suppose that is part of a new start as well.  I am able to come here, and rediscover my muse (or what little of it is left.)  I have no idea if anyone reads this blog or not so in some ways there is no pressure to produce or be the face that had be painted by my earlier blog.  I am able to completely transparent...a rare thing in life. 

I have done a lot of thinking over the last few weeks and I do know I want to be the lady I once was, through and through.  I want to be able to see beauty in weeds and good in people.  I want to give of myself without fear and unselfishly.  I want to see my children and sometimes feel the love that overwhelms you and brings you to tears for no reason other than pure love.  I want a clear mind and heart that is open to new adventures, old and new friends. I want to the strength and motivation to pour into others.  Most of all, though, I want prayer and God in the center of my life regardless of the circumstances.  I want God's best in my life in all ways.  That is probably as close to a "resolution for the New Year" as you will get from me this year.  This year is about living, truly living through the dark and the light and I don't have a resolution... just a determination. 

Happy New Year, blogland!


  1. Happy New Year! Thank you for visiting my blog.

  2. I love this fresh, sparkly start!!! I'm here to cheer with you!


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