Monday, June 16, 2014

Running Low on Fun

I determined somewhere, in the everyday drum of kind of slipped away.  Yes, the last few months have given me enough of a jolt to scare fun completely out of my life but I have decided I want to have fun.  I NEED to have fun.  I used to be fun, I think???  I am ready for some fun and this summer we are going to have some cotton pickin' fun! 

There is going to be laughter and joking and silliness and lots of water and sunshine!  We are going learn new things, try new things and stretch ourselves to smile more.  No more missing minutes which grow into hours which stretch into more.  Life is literally too short and I am terrified of letting it be too late.

So tell me what do you have planned for fun this summer?  Walking in the rain?  Dancing to some ridiculously fun music? Holding hands with a special someone? Eating cake for dinner because you can?  Floating down a lazy river or goofing off and just letting life happen? Blowing bubbles just to see where they land? 

Tell me what your fun is going to be?

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  1. I need more fun too. But i have no clue what to do for fun anymore. I feel like I have become an old fuddy duddy.

  2. I LOOOOOVE this, and I SUPER LOOOOOVE fun!!!! :-) I want to keep exploring new restaurants in Houston. I want to get bubble tea & Starbucks whenever I want w/o feeling guilty. I want to say "yes" more often to my kids. I want to make pool time more of a priority. I want us to go down to the beach. I want to make the most out of our last week of vacay here in NC. (We went ziplining & exploring in the mountains earlier this week!) I want to make getting together with friends a major priority.


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