Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Defining Success...

How do you define success? I find myself struggling a bit with this right now. There have been times in my life when I had a very clear, concise opinion of what success meant, at least to me. Right now? Not so much.

There have been seasons when I defined success by a great job, possessions, and all the things the modern world has decreed as mandatory; and then there were the seasons of life when I defined success by finding simplicity and calm in my life. There have also been seasons where success meant perfection and control, and I can’t forget the seasons where success meant just making it through the day. Heck, there were seasons when I defined success by the fact that I didn't eat 14 candy bars that day (sometimes the victories are small but clear!). 

The part I am struggling with is, what does success really mean… to me…deeply, in my heart. I am searching for the view of success that is my “true north”.  Is success working outside of the home?  Is it using my degree in some way?  Is it providing a refuge from the world  for my family?  Is it something else entirely?

I am sure that all the recent changes in my life have stirred up these questions. Maybe it is my age?  I know that God has stirred up these questions, as well, within my heart and soul. He is trying to show me something, and I am desperate to see. I long to be what He created me to be!

So, I would love to hear how all you precious hearts in blog land define success.

Please leave me a comment and I plan to follow up with some of them in a future post.


  1. Is it terrible that I haven't really given this much thought? I think it might be..... The last couple years, I've found small successes, but I've really been focusing on my husband's career. I need to think about this some more.

  2. I must add, this is what I love about blogging, you've really gotten me thinking.

  3. I think every woman ask this question. I think sucess can be in any area of your life as long as you are doing your best with the task before you. I wear many hats and feel that most of the time they are probably put on crooked!!
    Mother, Wife, Preacher's Wife, Secretary, just goes on. Somedays we fail but remember tomorrow is another day. Straighten up that hat, wear it proudly and make the most of the day!

  4. i think success is just a word that we put too much focus upon. as humans we love to put things into categories, such as 'that was a success' or 'that was a failure.' instead of looking at it like this, why not see something positive in all things, especially things that the world would deem to have "failed." it's usually these experiences that cause us to grow most as ppl. and god wants to have a relationship with us! what could make be more of a success than that! and we didn't even have to do anything except believe!

  5. At the risk of sounding trite, I was just reading Joshua 1 today, and it says...this book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth,but you shall meditate on it day and night, for then you will make your way prosperous and then you will have success. I think we are bass ackwards in our society. I think you are successful, though, because you do what you do with intention and purpose, with love and passion. Love you!]

  6. Hello, I'm an occasional reader from Australia, and I'm a Christian Mother of 4 in my early forties.
    I think this IS something we think about in a deeper dimension as we get older. My husband has a framed print of Emerson's poem-Success- in his office, and even though it touches on some beautiful points, it has to be... more...

    or in a sense...less... John the Baptist desired less of himself and more of Christ, Jim Elliott, the missionary, spoke of giving away what we cannot keep in order to gain what we cannot lose.

    It is so hard to define!!! You've made me put my thinking cap on today! I long to be conformed to the image of Christ- then I'll be the best Mum and wife I can possibly be- I have a long way to go though... And I'm sure we all long to hear our Saviour say, one day-Well Done good and faithful servant.

    You've given me some good food for thought today!!
    Bless you


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