Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Fives!

Visit Suzanne at Southern Inspiration
I have a dear, dear friend named Suzanne.  Although, we live 1000s of miles away from each other she is just one of those special friends that you know truly loves you, prays for you and is always there in spirit. She is someone who is gifted with reading between the lines and taking action when some one needs support, encouragement or just some love.   The saddest thing about our friendship is that we only get to see each once a year, or so.  But, Suzanne also blogs (regularly!!!) so I get to see what is going on in her world. She is truly Southern Inspiration and on Fridays she often does a post called Friday Fives.  So today, I am playing along since I again looked to her for inspiration (for my blog post!).  Y'all pop over and say hi and play along as well!

1. If you had the money to do plastic surgery, would you do it??? I would make a bee-line for the best tummy tucker around!

2. What is one character trait about yourself that you like?  I am loyal.

3. What's your next project in your house?  After the kitchen (which is currently a disaster zone), moving on to the foyer painting!

4. What's in refrigerator to drink? Lemonade, Diet Coke, Milk & Water

5. Big plans for the holiday weekend? Yes, tonight my DH and I are having some long over-due alone time together and he is surprising me so I don't know details, then on Sunday we celebrate my youngest DS's 9th Birthday...also, my DD is home from college!

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  1. Awww, I am so honored!!! You are just so sweet, and yes, indeed you are loyal! I know I can always count on you, too! I need to plan a trip to see you SOON!!! :D



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