Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good Deals to Be Had at Old Navy

Yesterday, the kids and I went to the mall to mess around. When I say mess around, y'all know what I mean,right? We didn't have anything in particular to buy and it was hot outside so we decided to be mall rats for the afternoon. Occasionally roaming the mall brings me back to my roots; I was a child of the 80s doncha know!

I did find some cuteness at a great price at Old Navy For some folks that doesn't seem like a big deal, but since I have always kind of been on the fence about Old Navy, it was a pleasant surprise. No, their prices haven't ever been bad, but their quality and style hasn't always really been my thing. My DD loves Old Navy and she has a talent for pulling things together that look great for a song, so maybe I will just follow her ques and keep my eye on Old Navy more in the future. In addition to my oldest DS getting 2 pairs of flip-flops for $5, I got:

this adorable little top off the Clearance Rack for a cool $5!

This top was the Old Navy Deal of the Week and I snapped it up for only $8. I picked it up in white and think I will pair it with a brown tank and jeans for a fun fall look.

Not bad for less than $15, total!


  1. Very cute Michelle. I'm with you. Never found much at Old Navy for myself. However, I was in an ON in Hilton Head recently and noticed that their little boy clothes really were pretty cute. Sooo, since I now have a little boy to buy for I'm sure I'll be going back.

  2. I've always been on the fence too, about Old Navy. But every now and then I'll find something I like. I do like the basic T's. Thats a cute little red top!

  3. My kids have shopped there from time to time, but I never really have. I always love to look at their baby and toddler clothes, though!

    Cute tops!

  4. Very, very cute!! I find that sometimes at Old Navy I have to choose from many cute things and other times, they have nothing! xoxo

  5. Well, I was on the fence about going today but I think you just convinced me!


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