Monday, August 24, 2009

Decisions, Decisions...

Fall is quickly approaching, and I keep trying to decide on what purse I want to be my primary "fall bag". I thought this decision would be easier once Initials, Inc.
Now, I can't decide between two distinctly different bags.

Should it be the Bowler in Houndstooth fabric with Red monogramming(since I think RED is going to be one of my favorite colors this season)...

the Hobo in Berkley Plaid with RED monogramming????

So, what do you think?


  1. I like the pliad, but its small. Tough call, because. you're right, they're so different!

  2. Definitely the houndstooth!! It will look so stylish, especially with a red monogram!!

  3. That's a tough one for sure. I do generally like houndstooth though. Hey, here's an idea...get both!!! :)

  4. I like the Hobo bag, but it looks a little small to me?

    I know that the large houndstooth is BIG this season - but there's just something about it that is obnoxious... ya' know? LOL

    I say - get both!

  5. I like the houndstooth...My primary fall bag will be the black La Pliage bag by Longchamp--a workhorse bag!

  6. Both are absolutely adorable but my decision is the Berkley plaid with red monogramming. Very chic and classy. But I'm 100% honest when I saying that you can't go wrong with either bag.

    Cute website. I love the mail candy (monogram stationary).

  7. I like the pliad, but its small.
    I prefer to get both.


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