Monday, March 16, 2009

Let the gardening begin!

OK, I couldn't wait any longer!
Last week, I went over to Jaemor Farms and there was a nice selection of Strawberry Pots (which I have always wanted) and also some very healthy looking strawberry plants. So, of course, I decided it was time to start the deck garden! One advantage of a deck garden is that if there is an unexpected late cold snap it is easy to protect your plants.

I like to use a potting mix that has nutrients and is also a "moisture control" type as it can get dry when it warms up here, especially since we tend to go for long stretches without any rain. It seems to me like I probably should go back and pick up a couple more "strawberry pots" because I think they would be perfect for some herbs right outside the kitchen door.


  1. Look forward to seeing the fruits of your labors!!!


  2. Yum, love strawberries! Good luck with your deck garden.


  3. Here in South Mississippi we are already potting up! I love my greenhouse everything is on kryptonite in there!

  4. I'm sorry to say I'll have to wait a few more weeks...maybe a month to start my deck garden. I'm hoping to do herbs and potted tomatoes. Along the side of the house I'll do more, but I haven't decided what yet. Strawberries sound great right now! :)

  5. Too cool! Don't think it's warm enough to garden here yet, but if funds will allow, I'd like to garden some this year. Love your strawberry pots! :)

  6. I am itching to start too. Love your strawberry pot, I have always wanted to try one myself!


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