Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jr. Cotillion, the stuff boys dreams are made of...

Well, maybe not the stuff boys dream of, but their Southern Mamas? Now, that is another story. You must realize that I completely believe in the parenting model that is willing to torture your child - in the ways of civility - if it is for his or her own good!
DS1 (dear son born 1st) wrapped up his 1st year of Jr. Cotillion just recently at the bigger-deal-than-he-would-have-liked Spring Ball. IT was just so cute!!! All those young people dressed to the nines and dancing the night away. I must note, though, that my DS1 looked pretty miserable throughout and these photos aren't the best (trust me, if you are trying to snap photos of said child at an event that is "for your own good" you try to do it as covertly as possible an at a great distance!).
Here DS1 is checking his Dance Card (yes, they had to fill them out and use them).
Doesn't he look excited???
Isn't this just precious?
Oops, I think the photographer has been spotted!
When is this over and could you pretend not to know me?
Not thrilled, but handsome!
DS1 and his little partner won an award for "Best Cha-Cha"! Oh, he was just beyond himself!!!! You know it! I think the excitement of getting that award (and having to accept it in front of all the attendees - many of which he plays baseball with) was probably one of those moments he will cherish (not) forever!
I love this comfortable looking dance! DS1 was surely thrilled that she was wearing gloves, though. After every Cotillion event, I seemed to hear a half-hour dissertation on the grossology of girl's sweaty hands...go figure.
At the end of the night, the parents were invited to share a special dance with their child. I loved it, DS1 was just ready to go. As soon as we left, we beat a hot path to the late night drive-thru at Burger King, because DS1 was starving; according to him all you get to eat at Cotillion is tiny food!


  1. Ya'll are so cute...did you cut your hair? I'm sure ONE DAY ds1 will thank you! Ha.


  2. Oh, I love this. I wish we had it in Ann Arbor. What a great experience for your son.

  3. How cute--we had Junior Assembly here. Beaver and Wally go to dancing school!

  4. Suzanne, I cut about 11 inches off last summer and then let it grow again and then about a month or so ago took more length and today I go back in to whack off a bit more! LOL

  5. Oh, he's such a cutie, Bella. My two will take their turn next year- I've already spoken with the lady who runs it. I hope they do as well as your young man did!

  6. Tiny food? How cute! He will be happy he suffered through this later in life. And he won't find sweaty girl hands gross forever! Haha!

  7. P.S.- I'm not even quite sure what Cotillion is? We don't have one in Michigan.

  8. How cool is that???! Ya'll look absolutely adorable. I love the dancing pictures. I would KILL to have cotillion in our area, but I don't think they do--unless it's all the doctors' kids whose parents make $567897897.00 a year. ;) Neat post!

  9. Sooo fun! I took Cotillion from second through 8th grades. We were required to wear little white gloves. I LOVED it! Then I of course went to Cotillion Balls in high school. Ah...those are such fun memories!

  10. I miss those days! Your son is quite handsome. Be sure and read the new book out about Southern Mothers....it's right on track.

  11. I was in Cotillion for about five years...it's an awesome program for teens! Your so is just too cute. P.S. Congrats on the Southern Living gig!!!

  12. What a handsome young man. I love the picture of y'all together. Wonderful pictures that I’m sure will bring back a lot of fantastic memories in the future.


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