Friday, May 30, 2008

I am a farmer...

Oh yes, I am! I may not be a "farmer" in the traditional sense but I do what I can. These are shots of my tomato plants - all 5 of them! Yes, they are on our back deck. Why, on the deck? You ask? Well, if you look past the railing on our deck you will see that we have a completely wooded back yard and I guarantee our neighbors wouldn't appreciate us tilling up a garden plot in the front yard - not to mention that would probably knock us right out of the running for "YAHD of the Month"!
See my bitty 'maters!!!
It is so tempting to yank these off the vine and fry them up now...I love fried, green tomatoes!
One of my 3 pepper plants (2 Jalapenos & 1 giant banana pepper plant)
One of my 2 pots of cucumbers that will climb right up the railing.
Nothing better than stepping out of the kitchen door to do harvesting!


  1. They look great! We have the same situation with our backyard. Maybe I'll give your method a shot, though I can't grow much of anything to save my life.

  2. I can't believe that you already have tomatoes on the vine. You lucky duck!

  3. Well, I'll just have to call you "Farmer Belle"!!!!
    How exciting! Growing things gives you such a great sense of accomplishment, don't you think?

    I just worry and worry over things, until that first bean or berry or... pops out and then I'm jumping up and down!


  4. All good Southern Women have to grow 'maters. It's in the rule book and everything. Our plants are on the back patio...

  5. I'm so jealous! I so wish I could grow veggies and flowers here in the city, but we don't exactly have a ton of room!


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