Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Do you like my new look?

Do you like my new blog look? I love it!!! I am so excited and pleased about the sweet, talented lady who did it for me as well. Ya'll go over and look at her site She does a fantabulous job and just manages to "get it right"! Thanks Miz Shabbee Chick!!!


  1. I do like the new look!!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog...I'm happy to report that the new A/C unit is being installed tomorrow!! Woo hoo! Happy Dance!!

  2. Love your new look! So fresh and springy!Of course, I love all of the pink details!

  3. Hi! I love the new look! So pretty!!

  4. I do love the new look and the wedding looks like it was fabulous! I love weddings!
    Pretty stuff there girl!

  5. It's beautiful!! :)I just found your blog, so I'm going to check it out! :)

  6. (new comment on your post "Insanity of Summer":

    maybe you should have a "ACs Here" party! LOL)

    I love this idea...may have to think on that!

  7. Love it! Off to check out her site.


  8. Hi Bellah,
    LOVE the new look! Have a fabulous weekend.
    Sandy :)

  9. Lookin' pretty preppy to me, girlfriend! What a gorgeous wedding .... now the expectations will be raised higher, you know. Hardest work I've ever done was get the girl ready to marry the .... fellow. We won't go there, shall we???????


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