Wednesday, August 30, 2006

40...and still very hot!

Well, I can say it...I have kissed a 40 year old man! Who would have ever dreamed it? Actually my handsome husband turned 40 a couple of weeks ago. We have celebrated 21 of his birthdays together...I am so thankful that he is in my life. It is such a thrill that after all these years he can still kiss me and it goes all the way down to my toes. As I am trying to spend more time in real life and making memories rather than just writing about them I didn't "blog" his birthday in a very timely manner. Happy Birthday, baby!
The children and I hosted a cake fest after he got home from work to properly sugar us all up. Truelove Celebrations (a local bakery) made his to die for cake...Devils Food w/ Chocolate Icing and Chocolate glaze on top. The man really likes chocolate!!! Have you ever noticed how excited children get about their parents birthdays? It is an excitment that is honest and pure and totally focused on someone else.


  1. Happy Birthday...and blessings in the coming year!

  2. Well, I'd celebrate 40, too if I could have a cake like that!!! ;>)

  3. What a cake!!

    (And what a wonderfully, devoted wife!)

  4. What a fantabulous cake! I think your pictures show up so well against your black template. Hmmm? Going to have to consider a change.

    Imitation...the purest form of flattery, right?

  5. weren't lyin'...that is an amazing cake! oh, and a Belated Happy Birthday to your DH :)

    Cake can just make me lose my train of thought...

  6. That cake looks and sounds awesome! Love your comment about children enjoying their parents' birthdays. Very sweet.

  7. The cake looks delish. Belated birthday wishes to your husband!
    Looks like a great family celebration


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