Sunday, July 21, 2019

Weekend Wear and a little Wild Life Rangling!

Since DS2 was out of town, I decided I would head out after work on Friday to spend the weekend with my beautiful daughter and son-in-love.  I did snap a few picture of my weekend wear when we headed out for dinner on Saturday:
Of course, no pictures are complete without my gorgeous daughter!  We had a great, albeit quick, weekend together but I got to see all the redecorating that is going on at their house (it is going to look gorgeous to so keep an eye on her blog for the finished product as she has GREAT taste and a real talent for decorating!)

But, as usual, when she and I are together things can tend to, how should I say....go off course....
After dinner, we decided ice cream was probably a necessity so we popped over to the local Dairy Queen and low and behold what did we find lurking under a car but a teeny, tiny, very young kitten.  So, yes...that is us on the ground at 10:00 pm trying to rangle a feral kitty. He was really cute, and although neither of us really want a cat, we didn't want to let the little baby stay crying under this car.  Ultimately, after who knows how long, we did manage to get him away from the car but were unsuccessful in catching him.  I hope he finds his way back to where his Mommy is because he looked so skinny and young I can't imagine he was ready to be on his own. :-(

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