Friday, December 16, 2016

Our Staff Meeting was a bit Unconventional...

Last weekend was our Division Staff Meeting and in an effort to get in the spirit, our Division Manager decided to host it in Williamsburg, Christmas Town in Busch Gardens!  The weather was cooperative as it felt like snow, even if we didn't get any, but it made the hot cocoa taste sweeter I am sure!
I didn't know this before I went, but Christmas Town in Busch Gardens is the largest light display in North American.  It was really gorgeous and you couldn't help but feel a little bit like a kid with all the lights, music and Christmas spirit swirling around!
It was cold and I was bundled up!!!
I want them to come do the lights in my trees!!!
Any one who knows me knows, I am sucker for Christmas music, Christmas movies, Christmas TV shows, Christmas shows in general, so it was so exciting to see a version of White Christmas done on stage since it is one of my FAVORITES!  I even have the soundtrack in the cd player in my car now!  I was really awe struck at how much there was to do and how little time we had to squeeze in all the sights and sounds and RIDES....yes, RIDES....and ones not for the faint of heart....yes, I did ride!:-)
So, in wrap up, we did have our Staff Meeting with lots of work and planning to hit 2017 out of the park but it was fun to start out being kids again! #worklife

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  1. What a great trip! I dream of having my trees wrapped like that, too!!!


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