Monday, July 25, 2016

Be the Change...

It is the time of year; when the stores are filled to the brim with school supplies.  Today my youngest son and I picked up his school supplies and I couldn't pass up this notebook when I saw it. 
My life theme has become "Be the Change," which is a cliché, but it truly has become the driving force behind the person I want to be.  I would like to say "the person I am," but I think to truly be the change one has to continually evolve and reach deep within and rethink who and how you approach life. It is a daily, maybe even hourly, recommitment to being the best you can be.   It takes loving, even when you aren't loved and loving the unlovable.  
It feels like the world has gone crazy.  Sometimes, I feel  that way when I walk through my own house, which has driven me to want to make a change in how I live and how I see people.  I am only one person, but I am responsible for my little spot on this planet and how I cultivate it for others. I have made mistakes and will again, but I have to start somewhere.
Our Church has also been doing a lot on similar topics.  We are being led to take personal responsibility in how we live out our faith and how we love others.  Many things have aligned in my life lately to bring me to this "Be the Change" attitude.  So many heart breaking events in our world, both far and near, in my life, and the lives of those I love.  There are so many people in pain and I can't get away from it...what do I do other than try to move the needle at least in my little corner of the world?  
I want to see some of this pain, hurting, depression and sense of anger in our world go away, even if it isn't noticeable to anyone else.  My heart knows  time is short and there is so much to do. What if each one of us decided to "Be the Change" is some small way, everyday?   

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