Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday: Yard Sale Tally!

Last weekend I went to a yard sale (or garage sale or tag sale depending on your locale....here, they are called yard sales) and much to my excitement scored some pretty sweet deals!  I don't yard sale often because, quite honestly, getting up super early on a Saturday morning is never a strong suit of mine if it isn't completely and totally necessary and those yard salers are early morning folks!!!

Fortunately I got to take a "pre-sale" preview of this yard sale on Friday night and I think I did pretty good:

2 Price Pfister faucets sets that will work perfectly when we redo the boys bathroom $20.00 for both
1 glass juicer $.25
6 vintage ice cream dishes $1.00
1 barely used (if at all) wireless ergonomic keyboard and mouse (DH picked that out!) $2.00
1 adorable madras patchwork sundress $1.00
1 Oneida Silver Plate tea pot $2.00
1 pair NEW Sperry's $1.00 (YES, $1.00)

Grand Total:  $27.25!!!!  Ding! Ding! Ding!!!!

I am particularly excited about these vintage ice cream dishes.  The glass "bowl" actually comes out of the silver stand for cleaning. I am seeing these being just adorable on my holiday table this year...maybe not holding ice cream but a big Christmas ornament as a place marker!  Don't you just love finding unique things for a steal?


  1. You got some amazing deals :). I love the Sperrys, of course, but I also like the ice cream dishes and your idea for them this Christmas!

  2. The dishes and Sperry's are so cute! Great finds!! I wish I could get my fanny out of bed early to shop on Saturdays but I fully admit that I will sleep in as long as the dog will let me. :)


  3. Those ice cream dishes are gorgeous

  4. Fun. Selfishly, I adore this post because one of the characters in my WIP is a "yard saler." You never know - some of these objects might end up in my next book - if I ever finish writing it!

  5. LOVE those ice cream dishes! What a find!

  6. Fantastic finds! It is hard for me to get out to yard sales, but I try to frequent Goodwill for some good deals.

  7. I really really love the vintage ice cream dishes. Great finds!

  8. Wow, lady, you really scored some great finds! I adore the little ice cream dishes & would probably never actually use them for ice cream!


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