Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Musings: Christmas with a Capital C

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On Sunday night, after the boys were in bed, DH and I decided to watch a Christmas movie.  On Netflix we found Christmas with a Capital C.  Although we weren’t necessarily looking for a deeply spiritual movie, this one(which includes Ted McGinley & Baldwin brother, Daniel) surprised me with its message. Set in Alaska, though it could have been anywhere in the United States, the theme on the surface appears to deal with the legal issues of Christian Christmas displays on public property (I believe the place in question was City Hall?)  We have all heard about legal issues arising around the country about this very thing which led credence to the plot.  Of course, the story line played up the stereo typical hard lined Christian view point verses an “evil” opposition to the display, but it also balances the issues with some pretty thought provoking twists.  On the surface the plot seems to focus on the legal issues, but I think the true plot lies with a little girl who decides to act on her faith rather than look for a legal way to keep Christ in Christmas.  She enlists her Mom and others to put feet to their faith through attitude and deeds to spread love and care through the community. 
Now, I am not downplaying the need for Christians to work hard to defend their faith and rights one iota, but one line that really caught my attention (I am paraphrasing) was when a minister suggested that although the Nativity is a wonderful symbol, we as Christians, must be careful not to make an idol of it.  Wow….have I been guilty of that?   Have I been so hard lined to defend symbols and wording that I have lost the spirit and intent of those very words and symbols?  I didn’t expect to be challenged by Christmas with a Capital C (and I am not sure my challenge is exactly what the writers were going for)… either way, I know I need to put more feet to my faith and make sure my heart is about sharing Christ’s love rather than making a point.
It is a great movie, especially if you look for the true message and past the stereo typical us versus them mentality!


  1. This sounds great! I looove movies that make me define my thoughts. :-) Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Hope you had a great holiday.

    Very interesting on the movie. Sounds like a good one.

  3. Oh wow, this sounds like a movie I will love and need to see. I'm also looking around my home at all of the Christmas decorations we're putting out and wondering whether I'm idolizing symbols rather than focusing on how I can better LIVE my faith to others. Hmm, great topic & post Michelle. I'll be renting this one asap. Thanks for making me rethink my focus sweet friend!

    Hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving!


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