Thursday, May 12, 2011

Amaryllis...not just for Christmas!

Do you ever plant Amaryllis bulbs in the fall (inside) so that they will be blooming at Christmas?  In most parts of the country, I think that is the only time many people think of them.  But here, in the deep South, they are excellent outside bloomers.  These are ones I have blooming in a pot in the back yard.  Actually, the previous owner left this pot already planted and I have just enjoyed the results.  I have no idea how long they have been in this pot but I do know that I have never (we have been here almost a year) done a single thing to them.  Many of my neighbors have amaryllis' growing directly in the, see Amaryllis....not just for Christmas!


  1. Just beautiful! And I did not realize that these would bloom in the spring/summer :)

  2. Yes ma'am...I have a stand of them in the ground and they bloom right about Easter every do they know???????? :D


  3. My mom has had them before!! They're so fun!!! Have a good day!!!

  4. My pink one just finished blooming and now my red one is in bloom. Mine are in pots on my screened porch as they wouldn't make it through the winter here. Yours are stunning! Aren't you glad that the previous owner left them??

  5. Good morning from Tokyo!

    Bella Michelle, your flowers are just beautiful. It's nice to see flowers normally associated with a holiday, such as Christmas, doing so well outdoors during the warmer months! I never knew that Amaryllis could.

    Havw a great weekend!



  6. Very pretty, the arizona heat kills everything here.

  7. I had no idea!!! i still have one from Christmas that I had no idea what to do with. Thanks for's going straight outside :)


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