Thursday, February 24, 2011

Welcome Spring...Southern Living Style

A few days ago the March issue of Southern Living arrived in my mailbox and I have to say the cover was just stunning.  It was the perfect welcome to Spring.  I had to try the recipe for the cake shown on the cover, Strawberry Swirl Cream Cheese Pound Cake (click link to recipe).  It just looked too good.  My husband and sons said it was my best effort...EVER.  Not "a really good cake"...but the best EVER!  Take my word for it, these boys know their cake and if this is the best EVER, you should definitely try it!
It baked up beautifully and the only deviation I made from the recipe was that I had to bake it for 10-15 minutes longer than the recipe called for.  Of course, that could just be my oven issue! 
It is so nice to have a recipe turn out just as pretty as when it is staged for the magazine!
Now, I can't wait to try the Key Lime Pound Cake with Key Lime Glaze from the same article! 
Thank you Southern Living!
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  1. Wow, the only thing better than seeing your beautiful pics of that luscious looking cake, would be to be sitting in your kitchen having cake and coffee with beautiful YOU!
    Thanks for the review...and it really DID turn out beautifully!


  2. I love Southern Living. The pictures just make me swoon! That cake looks wonderfully good. I might have to give it a try. And the Key Lime sounds wonderful too. I love that cute dish your cake slice is on!
    Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day,

  3. It's beautiful! It looks like it is the magazine photo. laura

  4. I loved that dessert on the cover and it's so great to see someone make it! Looks delish!

  5. I stopped taking Southern Living this year, however, I somehow end up buying every issue! Now, I have to get the March issue. :D Carla

  6. Thank you for stopping by to visit. It was your post on the beautiful pound cakes that tipped the scale for me to begin posting! I enjoy your blog and your poundcake looks DELICIOUS! I made the buttermilk poundcake and took it to our church group and none came home. I am also looking forward to making the key lime pound cake. I hope you post pictures when you make it. Smiles, Wendy

  7. Good morning from Tokyo!

    I'm not sure what makes me more envious: that I'll have to wait several more weeks until I receive my Southern Living in a package freom my parents or that I don't have the recipe for that gorgoue bundt cake! What beautiful presentation. I bet you felt like spring inside as well as out.

    My best to you and yours...



  8. just made me realize that I received my copy of SL and set it aside the other day. Must read it now!

  9. Wow! I wish I had that to go with my coffee on this rainy/snowy day in upstate NY! I guess I'll just gaze at the pic some more :)

  10. Two conflicting thoughts here. Me, the lover of desserts & pretty much all things sweet, is so happy that you shared this wonderfully good-sounding recipe & it's already booked. Then there's the "me" who has no willpower when it comes to such foods & might as well apply it directly to my hips, bit is still happy you shared.

  11. Ha! Too funny!! I got my issue and was immediately drawn to that article. I want to do the key lime one first. Where do you buy/How do you make the strawberry glaze?? The recipe didn't say!

    Thank you so much for joining my Weekend Bloggy Ready party. :)

  12. Do you have any left? I'll be over in a minute...well, in a few hours anyway. ;-)

  13. Looks yummy! I received the same magazine in the mail. It made me think of my grandmothers recipe for sour cream pound cake that is just delicious. I haven't made it in years. You have inspired me to bake it soon!

  14. That cake looks amazing! The one *you* made, not just the magazine cover. Your family is pretty lucky to have such a great cook around...

    Ruth (visiting from Amanda's link-up)

  15. Michelle, when my issue of SL came the other day I was drooling over that cake. Yours looks even better than the one on the cover. YUM

  16. That does look delicious! I'm so glad I just recently bought a bundt pan!

  17. I am totally in love with the picture of the cake on the cover. I was thinking of trying it and taking it to work.

  18. I soo wanted to make that!! It looks super yummy and turned out so pretty!


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