Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thoughts on Voting...

Did you vote today?  Are you going to vote today?  I did, bright and early this morning. 

On my way to the local polling place, I was really struck with the wonder of what was happening. 

Now, I am not new to voting, I have been doing it for several decades (did I say decades?...ouch) but this morning I was unusually awed by the experience.

First, I was humbled by the very fact that I had the freedom to vote.  It is really amazing that I...plain old me....could walk in and have my say on people that will hold a great deal of power and cast a vote yes or no on some heady issues...I got to do that.  But more importantly, I was awed by the very fact that I could do it without fear.  I had freedom from fear...not a single concern for my own safety.  I was able to make my stand without one thought of retribution or punishment going in or out of the polling station.  It is a freedom I know I have taken for granted so many times, but not this time.  This time I thought of all those in the world that have never, and will never know, that kind of freedom.

Also, I can't even contemplate MY freedom without saying a prayer of thanks for all the men and women that  have made and continue to make great sacrifices (and especially those who paid the ultimate price).  There are so many that have fought to insure that I could vote. I pray that my children will always know this freedom.

When I entered the polling place, it was different than in years past (in non-presidental years, that is ) in that there were long, long lines!  I was so surprised and so very pleased.  It was thrilling to see so many of my fellow citizens standing in the cold, waiting patiently to vote...peacefully.  What a wonderful sight!  I know some folks may struggle with patience if they arrive to vote and have to wait in line,  but not me.  I was honored to wait and would gladly have waited longer....for this Freedom.



  1. I just voted. I hope my town has a good turn-out for voting this year.

  2. I'm going this evening- though there will not be long lines. I live in a small area. But I think it's awesome that you had lines! All of my friends know that I will shut them down in conversation if I find out they didn't vote. You can express whatever opinion you want as long as you exercised your right to vote. I just love knowing that I had a role in something. I seriously LOVE LOVE election days!

  3. I voted today and think it is so important for everyone to do so.

  4. Here, here! I agree with your thoughts 100%. Let freedom ring!

  5. I voted on my way home this morning. I love election days.

  6. I voted and love your post.. Someone needs to say that more often!!!

    Thank you for your kind words and can't wait to see the results of the dining room. I will be thinking of you tomorrow when I am stripping more wallpaper.


  7. I voted today and did my part that only I could do. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for visiting my blog, Light of the Home!

  8. There was one of the biggest turn outs I've seen at my precinct. It is a wonderful thing that we really don't appreciate. What a wonderful gift we were given to be born in such a country.


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