Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dining Room Teaser....

Yes, I am a tease! 

This is just a tiny peek at what I will be posting about next week.  Wallpaper has been removed and we decided to go with paint instead of more wallpaper.  Window treatments have been completed and hung and we are ready to host Thanksgiving...just in the nick of time!  So, check back next week to see a before and after (dramatic after, I might add) of our DIY Dining Room face lift.

Can you tell I am excited about the results?


  1. It's already looking wonderful ! I'm looking forward to the completed project along with the before/after pictures!! Good Job !!!

  2. Oooh, la la, mademoiselle!!! Looking tres chic!


  3. is it nice to be such a meanie right here at the holidays lol...
    cant wait to see it.. its gonna be Magnificent~!!

    Happy Thanksgiving

  4. Glad the wallpaper chore is over and I'm lovin the new paint color. I'll be right here waiting next week for the finale. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. So far, so good. I need more please. :)

  6. I am just glad I survided this one! love your DH

  7. You're such a tease! :) Looking forward to the reveal.

  8. Oooh it looks very nice from what I can see.



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