Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Beginnings...

We did it.  We actually took my daughter to college 3 days ago...and we left her there.  Yes, we got in the car and drove home - without her.  I knew that day was coming, for what...18 years? 
It still seemed surreal.
I remember the first day that I took her to preschool. She didn't cry, I did.   She seemed so grown up and I marveled at how fast time had flown...little did I know.
Little did I know, that in a blink of an eye, we would be loading up cars with all the "essentials" of life and driving her hours away to start a new and exciting chapter of her life - on her own. Little did I know, that a smart, competent, sweet, beautiful young woman would take the place of my little girl so quickly.
We are so proud of her and feel she is ready for this step towards the real world, but I know my DH and I both can't quite believe it is time.  She is ready, we are struggling a bit more.  Moving her into her dorm room was such a strange up and down emotional experience.  I was so proud to see what a great job she had done with decorating her room and planning it out (see her blog for how cute her room turned out:  Tarleton West), I was relieved that it seems she had everything she needed, I was excited for her - knowing that so much fun lies ahead, ...but when it came time to walk her into the building that last time... I think it felt like a funeral.  Both her Dad and I just didn't quite know how to do it.  Grab on or let go?  I love that she still grabbed for her Daddy's hand, because even though she is ready to fly she just wanted to make sure he was still there.
I won't lie, it was hard to give that last hug and walk out.  I know it was hard for her as well.

Though, hearing the excitement and happiness in her voice every time I have talked to her since we dropped her off, makes it easier.  She is involved in Rush this week, and though Rush can be stressful, she is enjoying herself and making so many new friends.  Her classes start on Monday and she is getting excited about those as well.  This morning she was going to find where each classroom is located so she can be prepared.  She has had so much fun with her room-mates this week, shopping and exploring their new town.

Knowing she is happy makes it bearable.  Knowing she is where she needs to be at this time in her life, makes me happy for her.  Knowing she is coming home in a few weeks makes me happy!  


  1. Hey, stop it!!! Your going to make me cry. :))

    She does seem to be having a wonderful time. Those weeks until she comes home will go by in no time. (((Michelle)))

  2. You DID make me cry......I'm right there with you. We will be doing this on the 22nd. I am getting teary the closer the day gets. It's not going to be easy, but I totally agree with your perspective and all that you've said. I am headed to go check out HER blog....


  3. Aww! I cried just reading this!! I keep imagining my 14 month old and the day that I take her to college...

  4. What a sweet post and that photo of your daughter holding daddy's hand is a tear-jerker! While this may be a bittersweet time, take pride in knowing your raised a smart, beautiful and responsible young lady. My oldest starts kindergarten next week - and so it begins!

  5. How exciting! Since we live in metro ATL, lots of J3's friends are going to that school (that's where I wanted him to go, too, but he talked DOTR into letting him go to Ole Miss). Can't wait to hear where she finds her greek home! We don't take J3 until the 20th...and I won't cry! ha!

  6. You will get adjusted to her being at school. It took my mom a year but she no longer cries when I leave.

  7. You know how to tug a mom's heart strings. Natalie heads back to preschool next month and now I'm going to cry. So excited that your girlie gets to Rush. Wish I'd been able to...I think it would have helped that first year.

  8. I will never forget how I felt when my mama and daddy left me in my dorm room. I tried so hard not to cry and I'll bet that she did, too. In fact, I'm tearing up thinking about it!

    I hope that she has a wonderful freshman year.


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