Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I haven't forgotten Fall...

Since I have been the reminder for lots of folks that Christmas, is indeed, less than 2 months away I thought I might let everyone know that I haven't forgotten fall. Fall is actually my favorite season. I don't decorate for Halloween, but rather do a fall theme that carries me until Thanksgiving (which is then quickly switched out for Christmas!). To pump up the festiveness of the lights at my entry I just tied some gorgeous Indian Corn with a bow.
What is a door without a wreath?

Welcome Fall!
You can see my little mounds of pansies peeking out!
Dh and I got our corn stalks at Jaemor Farms and were very surprised to find they actually still had corn on them!
My boys were really thrilled that we did a display this year. I used to do one in the yard every year but not in the last few.
Notice there are 3 girl and 2 boys...guess who is who?


  1. Great fall is my favorite season too!

  2. Everything is beautiful!! On the interior...did you do your topiary and pumpkin on the coffee table?


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