Sunday, August 3, 2008

It is hot...

It has been very hot down in Georgia the last few days! It was so hot I found this little guy just laying out (literally) in the shade, on a limb, in one of our backyard trees...I guess the AC must have been on the blink at his house.


  1. Texas is miserable. Today was 108. Your little friend looks like one we had the other day. he was on our driveway. I thought he had a broken back but he was only a little prankster. When are we going to get some cool weather?

  2. Hi Bellah, That's a cute little dude!!! It has been so hot, has it not, but I'll take that southern heat any day!! I just posted the recipe to the mayo rolls on my blog, so hop on over and copy it down, you will love them! Blessings, Nancy

  3. What a cute pic ! And I love your garland too !

    Thnak you for stopping by,come again anytime.

  4. It has been super hot here as well. Our Basset just lays around hoping someone will spritz him with water!

    Thanks for the links for Chirstmas planning. Being in a new home this year will have us doing things a little differently, so I hope to have it all together early! Maybe thinking about Chirstmas will make us feel cooler...ha!

    Have a great week,

  5. Those are such beautiful shots! Have you thought about becoming a professional photographer (if you aren't already)?


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