Saturday, March 22, 2008

A rant, of sorts....

So, today after DD left to go shopping with her new beau and DS1 & DS2 were headed to Athens to see the Bulldogs play Tennessee (baseball!), I went out in search of something to wear tomorrow…tomorrow being Easter Sunday and all. Well, I looked and I looked and I found nothing! Nada!

My problem is there is this practical, budget part of me that really, really needed to find just the perfect Easter outfit that would also work in the office – and I didn’t want a pastel colored suit nor did I want a dress that was more suited to a 16 year old! I, honestly, saw things I liked but not enough to make the commitment. It was like speed dating in the dressing room…geez…BUT I didn’t come out with any prospects. I did see some super cute shorts and casual things that would be perfect for our beach trip….maybe my ADOSS (attention deficient…Oh, something shiny) kind of kicked in because I gave up and ended up picking up a couple of more things for the kiddos Easter baskets. Oh well, maybe no one will notice that I have worn my Easter dress before.


  1. I know what you mean... everyone else is all set, I'm hoping no one will notice that I have on a spring outfit from last year!

  2. That sounds like me - I looked and just couldn't find anything that didn't cost a fortune first off or that wasn't so low cut or see through. What's up with practical fashion these days??
    Hope you and your family have a wonderfully blessed Easter!!
    Sandy ;)

  3. LOL at the ADOSS ... too funny! Happy Easter!

  4. I can absolutley sympathize with you! I am wearing a pant suit that I bought last fall on clearance. Maybe the preciousness of my children will outshine pants on Easter Sunday!
    I do love your son's Easter art as well. Children can sure touch our hearts.Have a wonderful holiday with your family.
    Many Blessings,

  5. I hear ya sister. I did the same thing. After trying on countless polyester outfits, I went with a tangerine colored jacket to wear over a sundress I've had for at least 5 years. Then...bought my college son a shirt. What can I say?
    Happy Easter,

  6. I can soooo relate. I wore the same outfit as last Easter and maybe the Easter before that! Oh, well, I did make sure that my daughter had a new dress...maybe that counts for something?
    Easter Blessings!

  7. Happy Belated Easter!!

    I know just what you mean...I ended up wearing something in my closet as tell the truth, I didn't buy anyone ANY new clothes for Easter...a FIRST! I'll have to blog about our Easter was...unusual!

  8. Alas, that is why I didn't even bother going shopping this year. :::sigh:::


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