Sunday, December 30, 2007


Yes, that is my Wedding China pattern – Noritake’s now discontinued Tahoe. I remember picking china back in the late 80’s; I wanted something classic that wouldn’t be considered “tacky” (heaven forbid!) and would stand the test of time…well, girls, I couldn't haven’t gotten much blander than the pattern I chose - white on white with platinum band.
Looking back, I imagine the lack of imagination came from fear (I mean “Wedding China” now THAT is a commitment if there ever was one – with statistics being what they were/are - possibly the china would be around longer than the man!). I didn’t want anything that could have stuck me in a color scheme, and I was having something of a weird period about flowers on plates, and didn’t want anything that seemed childish (especially since I was a child bride trying to prove my maturity with each choice – hush, YOU know I was!).

Anyway, I have grown up and now wish I had china in a lovely, bold floral pattern (preferably with lots of pink influence). My dear mother-in-law (DMIL) has an amazing collection of Royal Albert’s Old Country Roses…now THAT is a china pattern. I know that when it is time for my DD to pick her pattern I will nudge (or push as need be – yeah, I am the Mama!) her down that road because of Nana’s vast collection that *hopefully* she will one day have. What a heritage in china, that having her new wedding china blended with Nana’s would be. Oh, yeah…you might be a belle if you understand the heritage in china!
This afternoon I have been perusing and debating starting a new set of China…something lovely, feminine and PINK! I love old things and maybe have found a neat vintage pattern in Rosenthal’s Moss Ross…
Or Haviland’s Moss Ross
So...what is your china pattern, and if you started over today would it be different?


  1. My china is Lenox "Jefferson". I thought a timeless pattern, still love it, but alas, it has been discontinued! So everytime I use it I am contantly telling everyone to "watch the china!" They all look at me like "what is it going to do?" I just don't want any chips or breaks!!!

  2. Steph,

    Start watching Ebay (if you don't already) to pick up odd pieces here and there for those "accidents"...of course Replacements is always a standard if you do loose a piece! I watch for Tahoe pieces all the time as well as my crystal (which is also discontinued....what was it I was going for??? Timeless?). lol

  3. I've been married for 15 years and have yet to pick a china pattern...committment phobia?? Maybe that could be a New Years find and begin investing in some really great china...and then use it!!

    Thanks for stoppin by the cocoon. Sounds like we have alot in common...the South (I'm in Arkansas), new driver, duck hunting men..and boys.

  4. Wow that china is beautiful. When DH and I got married, my grandmother gave us some Pfaltzgraff, it's a bit heavy and we hardly use it. It's sort of a stone color. I use some basic veggie-fruit patterned Corelle for every day use, but someday maybe I'll have some nice China, something for a nice fancy dinner. But then again, I'd have to have people over, I love to entertain but I tell ya---I don't seem to have the chance...

  5. Hey! You know I had an idea while reading your post... why don't you use your wedding pattern as a layering piece? Find other platnium banded china in a circle shape, but with patterns. Only buy the salad plates, which are normally the most decorative. For instance, look how pretty this would layer as a salad plate with your pattern:

    You could collect just salad plates, and have a different "pattern" for every season, using your wedding china as the base!

  6. About 7 years ago, my husband and I went to England and I bought Country Roses and shipped it all home. I love it!!!!!
    Belle-ah,I want to tell you I am from Schenectady, NY. and now live in Buffalo. You are a girl after my own heart. Thank you

  7. I have Noritake's Magnificence, and I'm sure I would choose differently now, too.

  8. I bought a Mikasa pattern a few years ago that is discontinued and impossible to find on replacements.

    You were ahead of your time, though, it's hard now to find gold china because platinum is more stylish. Don't you love being ahead of the trends?

    I like plain stuff--my everyday is the plain longaberger stoneware and everything I like is white.

    I've come to accept the fact that I am boring!

  9. Oh my, the Rosenthal's Moss Ross takes my breath away!! :D I love it!
    I love it all, it's so hard for me to decide, I'm always adding/editing to my collections. :)

    ps Thank you so much for the sweet message you left on my blog, it was very kind and I appreciate it. :)
    I hopefully will get back to blogging this next week! I'll be back to visit!

  10. I am not a floral lover, I picked Colclough's 'Royale' as my wedding china but as the family has grown I now have a more wearable set of a modern dinner set.

  11. I've just been married around 4.5 months and picked out Lenox's Autumn Legacy---a new pattern. I thought I would pick something far more subdued (and maybe someday I'll wish I had) but I was drawn to it.



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