Saturday, November 10, 2007

Holiday (pre holiday rant...ah, uh...thoughts)

It is almost "that" time of the year! I have already read one holiday themed book. I finished The Christmas Pearl,, by Dorothea Benton Frank yesterday morning. It was cute and I did like the southern recipes included in the back of the book such as one for Mint Juleps, Breakfast Casserole, Red Rice...oh, and don't forget Light Fruitcake...yes, I actually like a good, southern style fruit cake (especially one that has been soaking in rum or brandy for a good long while before the Christmas season). I picked up another Christmas book today by Melody Carlson, The Christmas Bus, which looks like a good one. DS#2 and I have been reading Thanksgiving books nightly and we watched Mickey Mouse's Christmas video last night, no less. The movie Elf is slated to make its seasonal debut at our house tonight! Christmas music has already been a regular in my CD player and we have our Christmas Card photos scheduled.

I guess, truth be told, I am a holiday nut. My DH and I even got married in December so that I (ahhhh....WE) could have a Christmas themed wedding! I love Thanksgiving through New Year...or at least most years I do. Sadly, we have been known to get so busy that we miss the true spirit of the season.
The 1st couple of years that we lived back in the South, and closer to extended family and old friends, I think we tried to do all things with all people and it really stretched our sense of sacredness in this season. Last year was better. I really felt my family was able to focus on what the holidays are about ...starting with being thanks filled for all the blessings bestowed on us from our gracious, merciful Heavenly Father through the celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ's looking forward to a happy new year in 2007. I so want to have that again, this year.

This year brings with it new challenges and resolve on my part to not miss the truth in this season. Now that I am working, I won't be able to completely, totally handle all things holiday and my family just show up and enjoy it. I will need some help. I will also probably need to adjust some of my own expectations (because you know what they say about expectations...they are only premeditated disappointments). I may have to forgo the hand woven magnolia garlands that I do and find some lovely, lush pre-made garland (I actually saw some at Sams today that had some nice looking artificial magnolia leaves woven in!). I may have to do less than Martha Stewart meals and take advantage of some talented local caterers and bakeries (not to mention my good friend the Schwan man who brings all his frozen miracles to my door twice a month). In any case, I will need to be fierce in protecting and planning for our family time in a world that would rather intrude and steal it completely.

Of course, Macy's has had Christmas decor up since September, and I have even seen houses in my area that are already decked out for the holidays, but somehow that doesn't seem to be setting up for a calmer holiday season to me. I am not really sure what made me want to write on this topic but I hope and pray that everyone will do more with less and we will all be determined and intentional about stopping and enjoying the sense of wonder and childlike joy that surrounds being Thankful to the Lord, from whom all blessings flow, and lose ourselves in awe at the perfect and precious birth of Jesus Christ. Merry Pre-Holidays! my soap box.


  1. Nicely said. I'll be pulling Mickey Mouse's Christmas out tomorrow for the boys. Part 1 & 2! Happy Pre-Holidays!

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was just checking out your site and wanted to say the sweet 16 party looked fabulous. Love the decorations and the cake is gorgeous!

  3. Very true. It seems each year I whittle down the "have to do" list and really try to focus on what's important for the season. Our youngest son was born Dec 16 two years ago so that Christmas was mostly a blur. Our wedding anniversary is New Year's Eve (and we still had a Christmas themed wedding!). The thing I like most is taking time off work and living life a bit slower, at least for one week.

  4. I'm a holiday nut too!!! May we all have time with our families to just "be" this season and be thankful for all our many blessings!

  5. What I think is bad is when my friend and I call around to charities that need volunteers to serve Thanksgiving Dinner and no one wants to take us as volunteers.

    We got "We have to call you back". Every time. And the main place we have been trying, my friend is a long time volunteer .

    Are there that many volunteers that these places don't need any more help?

  6. I lovt to read have my couch piled with Holiday books at the moment. Those books sound very nice. Mary

  7. I'm on the wait list at our library for The Christmas Pearl. And I read the Christmas Bus, it was sweet!
    I finally realized that my family was just as happy without mom going bonkers trying to do everything herself for the holidays!

  8. Have fun at the tree lighting--I still call it Rich's (I always forget). I know people who still call Macy's Davison's!

  9. I love your new look. The holiday sure seem to start earlier and earlier each year. Whatever you choose to do, I know it will be lovely.

    Hugs, Lyndy

  10. Hiya Belle, I know it's been awhile, so much going on with school and work and all.

    I really enjoyed the post. My favorite time of year is Thanksgiving through Christmas. It's nothing about money and presents and everything about just spending time with family and friends. Unfortunately my husband no longer associates with my parents and so I am no longer able to have the holidays I once dreamed of having with everyone together. I guess I can live vicariously through you!!! I think I'll try some recipes! Do you have any good southern recipes you can send me? You have my email!


  11. So true!!
    I also wanted to tell you that I won the book (The Christmas Pearl) pass along from Sheph! Thanks so much for starting it - such a great idea! I do many boook giveaways on my blog (being the advid reader that I am) and think the idea passing the book along is wonderful :)
    Thanks again,


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