Tuesday, January 2, 2007

I am resolved....

Happy New Year!

We rang in the New Year with a party here at the house with a few friends. They are good friends, because like us, they aren't big New Year Eve Partiers! They all took off for home before midnight, as they didn't want to be on the roads when all the true party folks loaded up in their cars and headed home from their parties. DH and I both enjoyed the after party glow (and a clean house!) while we watched the ball drop in Times Square. The night was magical, as the house was quiet and all the children were spending the night away...the next morning was even more magical -- as we got to sleep in together! WHOOOHOOO!

In years past I have not made New Year's Resolutions. This year, though, feeling the need to get myself organized and my life running a bit more smoothly, I have. Maybe I will wish I hadn't -- but I did. I am also going a step further and, gulp, putting them out there for all (2 or 3 of you that read this blog) to read! So here goes,

I resolve to:
  • Pray more
  • Be more consistant and dedicated in my Bible Study and daily prayer/quiet times.
  • I HAVE to get my health in order (and yes, as cliche as it sounds, that includes eating healthier, exercising and loosing weight).
  • Be more patient with my children and make more memories with them -- other than the memory of Mommy being in a snippy mood .
  • Organize and purge my house! In my last house, everything had a place and everything seemed to stay organized and it was much easier to keep clean. We have been here almost 3 years and it still feels chaotic to me.
  • Have more friends in and share our home with others frequently.
  • Finish redecorating/redoing the upstairs (the paint stops just half way up the stairs -- just high enough that you can't see it from the foyer!).

So, there, I did it. I made New Year's Resolutions. Can you believe? Oh, now to keep them. I did pretty good on January 1st (even with the eating and exercising part!).

2007 promises exciting things...one of the 1st being DD is going back to her previous school! If you have read Southern Somedays for a while you may remember the struggle I had with her desire to attend the local public high school. She was very curious about public school and we decided to step out in faith and let her go (literally and figuratively). She had alot of fun over at the public high school...was very popular and involved -- for which I am very grateful but she approached us a few weeks back and asked if she might go back to her Christian School! To say we were thrilled is an understatement. I am so proud of her making the decision on her own, even after having the ideal "high school experience" at the public school. She told us that everyone at the public school was really nice and since it was so big there were all kinds of cool things to do but it just wasn't her previous school and she missed the quieter, more intimate involvement and friendships. She missed her Bible courses and....get this....she missed uniforms! THAT is amazing, especially after all the years of, "If I didn't have to wear uniforms my life would be great...blah, blah, blah!" On a completely selfish note I will be glad to have her back at the previous school because that is where her younger brother goes and her baby brother will go next year (just think all 3 children at the same place!)...for the begining of this school year I had 3 children at 3 different schools so it meant a day of driving for me! This will really make my life much more simple!

Hope you all had a marvelous start to 2007!


  1. Did you have your black-eyed peas and greens on New Years?
    I hate to risk the good luck and prosperity.

  2. Enjoyed perusing your blog today. I pray that the Lord helps you to accomplish all the goals you have set for the year 2007.
    Also, your house looked lovely for Christmas!
    Bless you.

  3. Oh Wow! First off, I could have written your list of resolutions nearly word for word! ;)
    I didn't actually write these down yet, but could have! (I did, however, participate in the New Year's Meditations on my post...)

    And that is incredible that in spite of her positive experence at public school, your daughter wants to attend Christian school again...it says a lot about her character!

    Your New Year's Eve sounds wonderful!
    Have a wonderful year!

  4. We have a lot of the same resolutions! I have paint that stops halfway up the stairs and paint that stops halfway around the hall!

  5. Your New Year's Eve gathering sounds wonderful.
    It will be such a relief for you not to have to spend so much time carpooling won't it!

  6. Many happy wishes to you for the New Year. Your resolutions are awesome! I highly recommend walking the dog for exercise. It's fun and it gets 2 chores done at once ... hence the efficiency theme.

    You must be very proud of DD!!

  7. Found you through MM. You're first two resoloutions are inspiring to me. I get so stressed and just drop my personal bible time to the side. It is so hard for me to remember...I forget basically everything.

  8. Good luck with the resolutions my friend! All very good ones!

    We spent NY eve at the retreat House and welcomed int eh New Year in a faith-filled way (we've been going now for the past 8-9 years) Then, on Jan 2, I took a solitude retreat for 3 days and listened to what God had to say. A very good start to 2007.

    Peace with you and your lovely family!

  9. I am LOL! about the foyer paint, because that is true for ours, too. Even worse, is that we've painted the adjoining room 4-5 times, so the stairwell line looks like a tie-dyed t-shirt. A little bit of this color, there's the line from that color...


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