Thursday, July 27, 2006

Heat, heat go away!

I will be the first to admit that although it is very hot where I live it isn't as hot as some other areas. I am also blessed to be able to exist primarily in A/C so the heat is only a mild annoyance. BUT I am really tired of the close to 100 degree days and no rain. My garden looks so very sad and it is so humid I just don't want to go outside. So, here's to cooler thoughts.....


  1. here,here, I agree!! I also stay inside in the a/c mostly, but really does squash the desire to get out and do anything, thinking that you'll be dripping after five minutes!! I love your picture and it is certainly nice to think about colder days!!! We've gotten LOTS of rain lately, so it hasn't been quite as hot, but then no sunshine either!! I am remembering my days in San Fran. from just a few weeks ago for inspiration!!!

  2. brrr...shivering...I will see those kinds of scenes soon enough here in Ohio...the first few snowfalls are so novel...then the novelty wears!!

  3. Great picture and it's not so bad up here. They think 90 is really hot. In Chattanooga, 90 is a gift this time of year. I think the heat index has been upward of 100. But I still love my A/C, too!

  4. A cooling Journal entry here! Thanks! It's going to be 100 here this weekend! ~ jb///


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