Wednesday, July 5, 2006

A final 4th update:

Fire on the mountain above Helen, GA

To wrap up the 4th of July we decided to head northward to Helen, GA to watch the fireworks display. Within minutes of the display beginning a spark apparently ignited a fire on the mountain that overlooks the little town. North Georgia is experiencing drought conditions and this particular mountain was also the victim of a tornado last year so dried wood and underbrush is readily available and provide the perfect "fire starter" material. So, the crowds went from seeing fireworks to watching the fire. Amazingly enough, the town continued with the fireworks display after about a 30 minute break (I guess they decided since the fire department was already on site???? or maybe they didn't think anyone was leaving anyway and the only way to clear the town was to continue???). It was surreal to watch the fire buring on the mountain behind as the fireworks went up. We left before the mountain fire was extinguished so I don't know the extent of the damage. Fortunately, there didn't appear to be any homes in close proximity to this fire (at least I pray not!). Here is a link to the local news info.:


  1. Wow, sounds too much like the big house fire here about 3 weeks ago :(
    May everyone else syat safe, I wish we could send some of the rains that flooded us last week. But now, it was a gorgeous day today, and I had---JURY DUTY!!! Oh well *grins*

  2. Ok I gotta ask. Why in the heck did they have fireworks if Georgia is in a drought? Damn that makes no sense. They should have used their heads and declared a burn ban and fireworks ban. I mean hell, the people can go without their fireworks to avoid a fire right?

    I feel for the people who lose their homes but moreso the thousands of animals who are killed from these fires is tragic.

  3. Hi Belle -Ah,
    Thanks for your reply. Your home looks so beautifull and I looked through your blog it looks really beautifull the lake and home. The extreme heat temp must be hard though. Here in the uk we have had hot weather and people are not used to it.
    take care x Dom


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