Thursday, April 27, 2006


Written, January 2006

Today, being my oldest son's birthday, he requested brownies for his at-school-treat to share with friends instead of cupcakes. I thought, -- I do a mean brownie! Well last night, I don't know how, but I really flubbed the brownies...they just didn't turn out right. Today I was too busy to start over as I had to have them at school at 11:30 a.m., an also have to bake cupcakes for tonight and clean my house for our dinner company that is coming to celebrate with

I went by the grocery store and bought iced brownies from their bakery, brought them home and very lovingly placed them in my large "haul food back and forth to school" Rubbermaid container, (you know the one that screams THIS MOM BAKES AT HOME, LADIES!), and with even more homemade goodness sprinkled them with Sponge bob sprinkles and I was ready to enter the cafeteria! I even wondered if I should splatter some chocolate on my sweater?

Later in the afternoon:

Well now, I am back from school (of course, until I have to get back in the car in 1 hour 50 minutes to go pick them up again!)...and OMG, you aren't going to believe what happened....

Dear son and I hand out the brownies, to much adoration and admiration. Everyone was happy -- getting all caffeinated and sugared up for the afternoon (I know teachers must love this ritual)...and this little girl comes up to me and says....

"Are these home-made?"..........................LOLOLOLOL

Well, this being a Christian school and all, and me not being fond of lightning and such.... but also NOT about to say, "
No, sweet thing....they are made at the grocery store and probably from a mix to boot; and just to try to snooker you all and any of your over achieving Mama's, that might be around, I took them home and prettied them up for ya!"...I looked her in her cotton-picking, little beady, FoodTV watching eyes and smiled my brightest smile and without a flinch said...."Why? Do you like them?"

Am I going to Hell for this or will my tuition just get raised double next year?

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