Saturday, June 10, 2017

My planner....the unplanner day :-(

This morning, (albeit Saturday - and waking me early on a Saturday can be a dangerous thing,) I managed to wake up at a  reasonable hour on my own...or maybe the phone rang or something...grrr. EITHER WAY I had a plan today and that plan is a yearly tradition and a day of excitement! It is the day I get my new planner for the upcoming year!  There is just something about a new planner....with nothing written on the pages...only filled with possibilities!  I even tweeted that today was my official #buyinganewplanner day! 

So, I got ready, did some errands here and then headed off to Lilly Pulitzer for my new book of possibilities.  For many, many years I only used Lilly planners but when my world changed a few years ago, I pulled back from Lilly because I was doing a lot of re-evaluating what I like and what I might have been "expected to like." I even gave away all my Lilly!    Fortunately, in the last year or so, I have come to realize I am truly a Lilly girl and have been adding it back into my wardrobe because it is me.  I am bright colors, with a pop of surprise here and there. I am a dreamer and Lilly embodies that.  So, this year I  knew this year I was going back to a Lilly planner.  It is nice to be confident in my what I like and not what I may have been liking or involved in just because it was expected of me!

Unfortunately, I had my dates wrong and the Lilly Planners won't be released until Monday... whaaaaaaaa!  I am so sad.  This afternoon I was going to start putting in my class due dates and appointments and start my new year or possibilities with organization at the top of the list!   Now...I have to wait until Monday...p.o.u.t.

On a positive note, though, I did score a great deal on a super, fun phone case for only $9.00 because all the new versions are for the IPhone 7 and I am using the antiquated 6!

So...planner Monday it will be and organization will be my motivator!!!   

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  1. Welcome back into the Lilly fold!!! You absolutely belong here!!!!!


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