Saturday, January 7, 2017

No snow day for us...


When I opened my Facebook page today I saw lots of lots of pretty, fluffy snow pictures from friends around the South  It is just a cold, rainy day here. It also has a pretty big dose of dreary.  Sometimes I don't mind rainy days, especially when I can stay home and cuddle up with a book but today isn't one of those rainy days.  We have had a week of rainy days, and now this one is really cold.  I need some sunshine!
Maybe it is because I have 2 sickies (well, actually 3 sprained ankles and 1 virus between 2 boys) at home today that kind of puts a damper on things.  With both boys under the weather, it does make the day seem kind of blah.  I keep "thinking" of things I should be doing but obviously I am not doing them.  Although, I did get the self cleaning oven to clean!  I realized someone had spilled something that was causing massive amounts of smoke to billow from the oven when I was baking cinnamon rolls this morning for breakfast.  So maybe that started my day off on a dreary note as I was trying to deal with a house full of smoke and it too cold to open the doors and windows and air it out?  Mostly today, my house has been a place where lots of sleep has been found, which is good due to one boy who needs to stay off his foot and the other who is sick and needs to be off both feet.   
So, you may have just read the most boring blog post ever, but I am thankful that even though the days is damp and grey, I have a safe, warm place to spend it.  Oh...and tomorrow is supposed to be SUNNY & 35!  Whoohoo!


  1. We got 2 inches after hearing almost all week just a dusting.

  2. If I never see another snowflake again in my life, it will be too soon!!! :-D


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