Monday, January 2, 2017

Meet me on the Twitter and if you like join me on Instagram too!

If you haven't already, would you do me a huge favor and pop over and follow me on Twitter. Join in the conversation and lets share good in Social Media rather than all the ugly (I have been guilty of that, as well, but am trying to make sure that I only put good out there because in a blink of an eye I realized the world is just too full of ugly.) Southern Sparkle on Twitter!

Also, I guess I should favorite form of Social Media is Instagram!  I just love pictures.  I love taking them and looking at them.  Come join me in bringing more beauty in the world: Southern Sparkle on Instragram  I am also a Google+ user and would love to meet you there! Southern Sparkle on Google+.

I took a long break from Social Media and it was good for me.  It came at a time when I was at a loss as to who I was and who I wanted to be.  Now, I am using Social Media again but do have strong feelings that I want to use my little, tiny spot in this world as a place for transparency and positivity.  My life is NOT perfect and not pain free.  I have demons I battle within my heart just like everyone else and I do not want Southern Sparkle to ever portray a "magazine perfect" life.   I am blessed beyond what I deserve and I do want to share that and always know I have done nothing to earn those is a God thing and to Him goes all the glory.  Join me in being a positive movement in Social Media to be real with our struggles and our victories in 2017! #bethechange

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