Saturday, April 12, 2014

Did anyone mention it is Spring Break???

This Spring Break won't be like the ones in the past. Yes, I will sit on the beach and feel my toes in the sand but  I will also be walking into a court room and ending something I never wanted to end. But I am blessed to know that I have people who will be loving, caring and watching over my children when I drive hours to stand in front of a judge and have my 25 year+ marriage become nothing more than a few pieces of paper.  This experienced has shown me how truly wonderful some people can be and how they reach out just because they know you can't handle it all by yourself in so many ways.  Beautiful blessings is what I have begun think of them.  I am learning not to steal their blessings by not letting them love on me and help me get through the day. Spring Break...I have dreaded this week instead of looking forward to it...but it is here.

 Even with the dark season that my heart has seen, 
Spring has arrived and there is beauty bursting everywhere I look:
Aren't these tiny blooms perfect in front of a huge white azalea?
Iris' always reminded me of my Ma Jones.
Beautiful Lady Banks roses welcoming spring.
How can you not love Clematis, even if it is the neighbors?
I love the canopy of pink and white dogwoods in my backyard.
Azaleas to welcome you in.
I just can't leave out the wisteria, which is particularly gorgeous this year.
Florence, are just gorgeous.

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  1. You are strong. You are beautiful and you are loved. It is hard and painful, but you will look back realized you survived. I know I have said it before, but the song I love to think of in times like these is “Be not afraid. I go before you always. Come, follow me. And I will give you rest.” Big hugs.


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