Thursday, November 29, 2012

Macy and Her Cookie

This is the story of a girl named Macy and her cookie.  One bright November morning, Macy received quite a treat, a puppy dog peanut butter cookie.  She was so very happy!  She loved this cookie so much. She even barked at her feline sister, Emelda No Shoes, when said she came too close to the beloved peanut butter cookie.  Apparently, though, Miss Emelda's interest in the peanut butter cookie cause Macy to develop anxiety.
The newly fueled cookie anxiety drove Macy to distraction.  She found herself crying and running to and fro through out the house.  She was a pitiful sight to behold.
Where, oh where, will the cookie be safe?
Or maybe over here....
So, nestled under presents and tree skirt lies that peanut butter cookie.  Miss Macy returns to the scene every few minutes to ease her anxiety that it is still there.
The end.


  1. Awww, what a sweet, sweet story. Thanks for the nice smile on this end.

    And sorry I haven't been around much lately. Life's bumpy road got in the way but all's smoothed out.

    BTW, hub just walked in. He's a real dog person and loved your photos!

  2. FABULOUS story with photographs! Had to pass this along to my grandgirls, Anna, age 5 and Ella, age 3. They will enjoy the saga of "Macy and Her Cookie".
    Thank you so much for your great blog! I'm a fan!

    Gramma Marcia

  3. Oh, that is just so cute. So, is the cookie still under the tree? Macy is a pretty girl.

  4. Precious! Dogs are so funny! I just love little Macy! Love the cat's name too! Love you girl!

  5. I just love this story! Dogs are so funny! Love the cat's name too-yall are so creative and funny!

  6. HA!!!!!! Love it!!!!! Bonnie gets that same crazy anxiety when it's something big she's not going to gulp down. :-P

  7. I can tell you where Baxter would have hidden that cookie! In his belly!

  8. I can tell you where Baxter would have hidden that cookie! In his belly!


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