Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Best of the Season, Straight from the Farm!

After school today, my boys and I stopped by a local strawberry farm to acquire some of the yummiest treats Spring has to offer. There is something magical and wonderful about getting fruits and vegetables where they are grown. The strawberry plants were just loaded with beautiful red fruits. We are blessed to live in an area where farming is still wide spread, with a long growing season and products are quite varied. I try to shop locally as much as possible. But even when we have lived in cities, I found that if we looked, we could find sources for local produce. If you can't grow your own, I hope you will find someone local who can sell you some of the bounty Spring has to offer! 
My youngest son declared himself the Yoda of Strawberry picking (Star Wars reference in case you are wondering). I think (but didn't ask...) that means he is intuitive about which ones are the best...maybe...

"Good are, strawberries I chose." or something like that...


  1. I love strawberries straight from the farm! Or really any produce straight from the farm, but I especially like strawberries anyway :). Plus you get more for your money that way compared to buying them in the grocery store. I might have to make a trip to a farm myself soon for some. We always went every Spring when I was growing up too.

  2. Oh, yum yum! They look amazing!

  3. Strawberries are already in? I wonder if all the unusually hot temps helped to bring them to harvest sooner. Can't wait to get a couple of baskets full myself!

  4. Yum!!!!! Nothing is better than fresh strawberries.

  5. There is NOTHING like South Carolina strawberries in the spring. My mom and sisters and I use to make the annual trek into SC to pick strawberries. Sure wish I had some now!

  6. you guys already have homegrown strawberries?!? so jealous! they are my absolute favorite


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