Friday, May 14, 2010

Moving, Redecorating and Project Central...

You know you are about to move into a new (new to you) house when all the flat surfaces start looking like this! 

Yes, it is time to start the transition and planning the projects for our new house.  No, we haven't sold the current (or otherwise known as the old) house.  Actually, it isn't even on the market yet because I just can't live in it while it is on the market, especially with all we have going on this Spring!. 

DH actually moves into our new house next week.  He will be roughing it on a blow up mattress for a few weeks until we get there.   Yesterday I actually committed to a "movers will arrive" date and delivery date.  Honestly, I guess that is when it really hit me that, yes...indeed, we are moving.  When we decided, several months ago, that we would make this change it seemed so far out in the future and I have been so focused on the kids and their activities that I haven't been real consumed by the coming change. more!  Change is A coming!  Get those paint brushes, spackle and all manner of DIY tools ready!!!!!!!!!


  1. I know it will be a showstopper but a true home in no time! Can't wait to see the changes you make. (By the way, I went to show B the listing and it was gone...they sure do take listings down fast!)

  2. I hope your move goes well and is as easy as possible! Though its never too easy! Haha! Good luck!

  3. I love your blog!!! How exciting to begin planning decorations for your new home. God bless!!


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