Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Frocks....

Do you have your Easter dress yet?  Yeah, I know it is only hours away, but I am running behind this year.  I managed to get my boy's outfits ready last week and DD found and purchased her own Easter dress while at the beach on her Senior Trip last week. 

Me?  Well, I managed to find a cute little dress just this afternoon in about 15 minutes ~ tops...thankfully, it was in my size and I already have the perfect pair of fushia heels to go with it!    If I am lucky I won't sit down in church next to 3 other ladies wearing the same one.

Easter is truly the greatest of holidays!  I am so thankful that Easter happened...He is Risen!!!!


  1. Love!!!!! You're gonna be gorgeous!!!

  2. Great dress! I was a little late purchasing my dress too (just got it yesterday). Had to fight the crowds of other last minute shoppers... You're gonna look beautiful! Happy Easter!

  3. Beautiful dress! Be sure to post a picture of your entire family all dressed up for this special day.


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