Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Awards, even when MIA

Sweet Jenn at The Beaufort Lookout ( has been sweet enough to send this along to me. She says: "This award was design by Mike at Ordinary Folk and was originally offered by Christy of Totally Fabulous. She says this award is for bloggers was are fun,cool and of course Totally Fabulous." Thanks, are the bestest!

So, I pass it along to these fellow, Totally Fabulous bloggers:

Susan at Love, Life and Labradors (

Paula at Virginia Sweet Pea (

And Buford Betty --- make sure y'all drop over and wish her a very special belated birthday and look at the photos from her fantastically fabulous party --- (


  1. Awwww thanks so much!!! That made my morning! :-)

  2. I loved visitng your site. Love your banner and your pink and green party items. Have a greta weekend.

  3. Thanks for passing the blogs on... Your blog is delightful, you deserve your award!


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