Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It has been quiet around here.......

My boys have been away the last 2 nights and it has been such a different place -- a much quieter place. DD and I spent Monday evening in Atlanta shopping and enjoying all those shops that the boys just hate such as the Paper Affair ( and getting most of DD's school supplies taken care of.

Yesterday, she and I went to the Lake. She took a friend and quickly dissappeared so I spent most of the day beside the pool reading -- yes, reading! I didn't have to watch one little soul to make sure he didn't drown. I even had a really wicked lunch from the of their super huge rice crispy treats! I laid there in my chair and just pretended to be a lady of lux that didn't have children to scamper after....boy, did I feel cool.

Today, while DD was at her Latin class I found a nice, shady bench on the square - of course, I had to snap a photo - and started the new book my sweet neighbor loaned me. I will tell ya more when I finish but from what little bit I read this morning it is going to be GREAT (it is another Charles Martin book!).

Afterwards we both got our hair cut and went to lunch at Panera ( and had their amazing Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella Salad, the bookstore, Office Depot for her a new fancy-smancy calculator and the uniform shop to pick up what new pieces she needs for school. On our way home, we stopped into one of our favorite little shops called Cozy Corner, where we finished off her school supplies by ordering a new hot pink monogrammed lunch tote and picked up a 50% off "initial" Olivia Mullin umbrella, and a 50% off Vera Bradly T-Shirt (! I do love a deal.

Although I have missed my boys, the quietness was much needed and I realized that I probably need more of it to regenerate myself on a regular basis. Tonight I will pick the little men up and tomorrow it will be back to life at full speed ahead and volume on HI!


  1. I just posted about my nice leisurely lunch at Panera Bread this week as well!

    It seems that both of us are enjoying the small moments of quiet that stay at home moms don't see often but surely appreciate when we happen upon them. Your afternoon by the pool sounded delectable to me. Glad you enjoyed yourself!

  2. Oh how I love Paper Affair. A new one opened about a mile from my the same shopping center as a Trader Joe's. I could easily spend 3 hours there.


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