Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Are you ready for Fall?

Photo: www.Kirklands.come
Are y'all ready for Fall?  I have to admit I am not quite there yet.  Fall is my favorite but this year I need a little more summer....even if has been 755 degrees with 300% humidity this week. 

It just seems summer has flown by!  All the stores are filled to the brim with adorable Fall d├ęcor but I just haven't mustered the interest.  I know, I know...I am resisting the inevitable but come on now.....the beach isn't done with us yet!

Maybe by this time next week I will be out of denial that Fall is upon us and embrace the everything pumpkin movement but for now I am still looking for pink & green summer joy!


  1. I looooooooooove football and pumpkins, but I'm not ready yet, either…

  2. I am ready for football, sweaters and boots. But the rest can hold off a bit.


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