Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cleaning do you cope?

Please tell me I am not the only one out there who feels like she is perpetually behind on house work?
Oh my…I have felt behind now for over 2 months.  Yes, we have had a crazy, hectic, stressful an unusual 2 months but I just feel like I can’t get my groove in keeping up with all that needs to be done.  Feeling like I am behind is a huge area of stress for me.  I like things to be caught up and organized so this continual state of “half done” is about to drive me nuts!   I have trouble getting to the new projects that need to be tackled (remember we are trying to update this house a little at a time) when I feel the day to day needs attending to…and there is the laundry...oh how I hate thee, oh laundry!!!! 

I am just hoping I am not alone…


  1. It's okay, it looks like my closet threw up, too! Other parts of the house are clean though, fortunately. I'm thinking I'll spend this Sunday morning doing some serious closet work and cleaning it out, though. It's time for some of my clothes to go :).

    And yeah, it has been a pretty hectic two months for you. Don't feel bad about a few things around the house going, you really need a break!

  2. You have good reason for not focusing on housework these past couple of months. Its not like your focus wasn't where it should be, or you were sitting around watching TV and eating bon bons. Take it slow, work on a few things at a time each day. Or dedicate a weekend, pull in the Hubs and kids, and do a thorough spring cleaning with all hands on deck. like me...hire someone to do it. :)

    Working fulltime and too tired to keep up with housework...and now I can afford to pay someone every now and then.

  3. Take heart knowing that your home will ALWAYS be cleaner than mine!!! I *only* clean when we're having houseguests; otherwise, watch out for dust bunnies nipping at your heels around here.

  4. You are NOT alone! I am in that boat with you. I feel as if I am never caught up. I told someone the other day that I feel as though I should call Merry Maids! The only problem with that is most of my messiness comes from clutter that I need to take care of. If you find a way to solve that please let me know! :) Carla

  5. You are not along in that. And I don't have an excuse for being behind. I need to sit down and make some kind of schedule for myself.

  6. I think everyone struggles with this--things will never all be completely clean, so it's always a matter of prioritizing or cleaning what you have time for!

  7. You are definitely not alone... add to the mix working a full time job! Nothing ever gets done and finished... The stress of LIFE sometimes is just more than I bargained for! :)

    Find a happy medium and just accept that everything can't be perfect, all of the time! I should take my own advice! LOL

  8. Michelle, you are definitely not alone. I do try to keep some kind of cleaning schedule, but that's much harder to maintain now that we are retired. Yes, I know that takes me out of the "fold" of younger moms with children, but it puts me in a whole new category -- older "Nana" who needs 3X as much time now to do the same amount of work as when I was a younger mom. For me, making lists is the key & breaking down the tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks. Another thing that really helps the stress level for me is to have one room that is almost always maintained. For me, that is my sitting/dining room. I walk past this space a hundred times a day & it makes me smile & feel less stressed. I can do sit down in there with a cup of tea & just collect myself. So my best piece of advice is try not to be stressed. When you walk into a room that is total chaos, just pick one little spot (a table top, one bookshelf, one small countertop space) & clean just that space. You will be amazed at how good that will make you feel. It might even give you the "boot" to do another little area. I personally think we are all too hard on ourselves; our homes always look much messier to us than anyone else. Good luck to you!


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