Saturday, May 5, 2007


One night last week, one of my boys and I took a walk downtown. It reminded me of how much I love our downtown. I love to shop, dine and generally spend time there. Yes, my town has a true downtown square that is still thriving with businesses, cafes, nightlife and beauty. That is rare today but because of the scarcity of such, I love it even more. I know that my children experience something there than most people (especially their ages) will never know.

It is lovely in the early morning when it is still quiet and nothing has opened yet. It is lively and exciting during the day when it is busy with shoppers and business people having lunches and meetings. It is relaxing in the evening when the sun is setting and it is quiet again and you only hear the strains of conversations from benches in the park and out door tables at the local restaurants and cafes. It is wonderful after dark, when strains of music come from the clubs and the lights give it a romantic atmosphere. Just last night my DH and I left an event downtown at almost 11:00 p.m. and it was just so comforting to see the lights and enjoy the peace and safety of our downtown as we walked away.

The merchants downtown work very hard to keep the square a wonderful place. They host many events through out the year to draw in the community and remind people that there is more to a town than the mall and BestBuy! One of our favorites is Brunch with the Bunny which comes the Saturday before Easter and finishes off with an Easter Egg Hunt on the square…then there is the wonderful Thursday nights leading up to Christmas when all the shops stay open late and Santa rides around in a horse drawn carriage. I love downtown.


  1. I've always loved the look of the old towns that had the courtsquare. Ours is very small and some of the stores have a hard time staying open. The pic of yours looks very quaint.

  2. I'm with Christy. I love those kinds of towns. We don't have those here in Florida anymore :(


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