Friday, December 30, 2011

2011, Ending in Prayers (Part 1)

I mentally began writing this post in my head on Christmas night, thinking it would be filled with high lights of the last few days and how we celebrated Christmas.  But sometimes life has other ideas.  First off, we did have a wonderful Christmas!  Christmas Eve we enjoyed a beautiful and touching candlelight service at our church followed by dinner at our house with some dear friends.  Then we set up the camera to try to capture a picture of the Jolly Old Elf when he made his anticipated delivery…of which we were successful!  YES!!!!  On Christmas Day we awoke early (yep, early…) and had a wonderful time opening presents and sharing with each other before church.  Then came home and all put our jammies back on and spent the day playing with new toys, napping and eating (way too much!)  It was a perfect Christmas Day.  On the 26th we traveled to GA to spend the day with my parents and celebrate with them before heading to my in-laws.

This is where my post veers off from where I had planned and why I haven’t updated or posted this week. I haven't been sure I should write about this or even if I could, but I have said I wanted to be transparent and this is where and what we are dealing with now...
On Tuesday after Christmas we experience one of those moments in life that you know will be forever cemented in your mind.  After lunch my boys went outside to play in the woods behind their Grandparents house (one of their favorite things to do).  A bit later, as we were all still sitting around the table in the kitchen, we heard my oldest start to yell.  At first, honestly, we thought it was the yells of playing boys…until my husband stepped out on the deck to hear my oldest  scream, “He is unresponsive, Help!” as he crouched over his younger brother.  My husband began to run and I followed behind.  He reached my youngest son before me and I yelled asking if we should call 911.  He said yes.  When I reach my son, he was blue, not breathing and gurgling…and we had no idea what had happened.  My older son told us the last thing his brother said was, “I am blind! I can’t see!” and then he did a half spin and started to fall.  My sweet oldest son acted quickly and caught his baby brother and laid him on the ground before calling out for help.  He had no idea what had happened. 
I stood there… looking down into the face of my baby boy…he looked unlike anything I have ever seen.  He was blue and pasty and I didn’t know why.  This is the child that plays hard, loves hard and is this missing piece of our family puzzle that we didn’t know was missing until he joined us.  Truly I couldn’t tell you what I was feeling because it was unlike anything I have ever experienced.
I dropped down on that cold, muddy ground and with all my heart called out to the only one I knew could help us at that moment….God.  I prayed and I prayed harder and louder than I have ever prayed.  I needed the help of my God; I need Him and His power more than any single thing in life. 
After trying to determine if my son had received an injury my husband grabbed him up and began to run out of the woods.  As he began to run, a small moan escaped that little body.  When my husband dropped to the ground with him as the ambulance was arriving my son opened his eyes, but there was no responsiveness….no acknowledgement of anything.  Still not knowing what was wrong and desperate to help I thought maybe he was choking but his jaws were clamped together and I had to use 2 hands to pry them open to try to see if his airway was blocked.  His jaws never relaxed but at this point we had shallow breathing…


  1. Oh wow... why must this be "To be continued"! I know we are just twitter/blogger friends but you are from my town and I feel like I almost know you, I hate to read about things like this from anyone but especially someone I feel close to in the blog world.

    I really hope your son will be okay or that he is okay! This has to be a very scary experience, especially during the holiday season when you're around family and just focused on having a good time, not things like this.

    Let me know if you need anything!

    Amy Lauren

  2. Oh, HEAVENS, Michelle!!! My heart is in my throat and tears are running down my cheeks. Terror. Praying you are ALL OK now; keep us posted when you can!!!!!!!

  3. This does have me concerned and I am hoping things turned out alright.

  4. Michelle, I had no idea! What a traumatizing experience. I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Praying for your son, you, and your family.

  5. I've never met your sweet son and I have chills right now reading this. I'm praying that he is okay now. Just praying for him and your entire family! God's peace to you.

  6. Oh my goodness how terrified you must have been. I know this turns out ok, thankfully. What in the world caused that? How old are your boys?

  7. Oh My heart is just breaking for you Michelle! I am so sorry to hear this & sending healing prayers to you & family. I know that immediate heart wrenching feeling of despair due to a childs accident/illness but am thrilled to say miracles can happen & my 14 yr old daughter is a true testimony to this. Keep the faith, stay positive & God Bless!!

  8. Oh, my word. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your entire family. I do so hope your son is alright. This just sounds so very frightning.

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten

  9. Honey, we are lifting you all up in prayer. Please let us know how your son is doing, and if there is anything we can do for you. My hearts and thoughts are with you all!



  10. I'm behind on my reading, and am starting at the beginning. I have two more posts to read now that continues the story, but wanted to say that your writing is wonderful, and I"m so hoping that your son is okay, and that you all find out what is wrong. I know god has to have answered your prayers.


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