Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hurricane Season...

Photo credit: (Photo: Paul Zoeller, AP)
I don't know if you have heard or not but we, here in the South, have gotten a drop or two of rain as of late.

One thing you learn when you live this close to the coast is to watch the storms as they form in the Atlantic.  I grew up very far inland and really never paid much attention to Hurricanes but I have learned and seen first hand the destruction one of these monsters can bring, even if you don't take a direct hit. 

We were fortunate this time, we only got the rain.  So far, though, no wind or tornadoes which makes me feel more at ease.  Many roads are washed out, and Charleston is closed...yes, closed.  The peninsula is inaccessible at this going in or out.  Tomorrow is supposed to bring more rains like the several inches we got yesterday and last night. I suppose today was our reprieve.  Ahh....Hurricane Season, we respect you!

War Room

Tonight I went to see this movie.  It made me sad in so many ways but also called out to my heart that the prayer I have been running from needs to be back in my life.  Not only have I not been talking to God, I haven't been listening for Him either.  So even though the plot made me sad the belief that prayer is a weapon in this world was not missed by this lady sitting alone in that theater.  If you haven't seen it, go.  It isn't a bang you over the head kind of Christian movie, but rather one that will make you laugh and gently reminded you that His Word is true no matter the circumstances.  Yes, I came home tonight determined to learn to pray again because unlike riding a bike, for me, it has been a skill I have forgotten how to do. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Beauty, Beauty Everywhere...

I love to take pictures.  I take them almost everywhere, of things most people would think peculiar.  The cut of the sun, the color of a flower, the joy in a blue sky; I take them all the time. I am definitely not a photographer and I stopped taking pictures for a long time; but finally the muse has returned and I have started stealing those images that catch my eye and the beauty they behold again, and I think that is part of the sparkle coming back!