Saturday, June 30, 2007

School boys...

My DH is a busy man (aren’t they all?). In addition to his demanding career, serving on 2 different school boards, leadership positions in both Gideon’s International and our church he is also a newly enrolled Graduate Student.

Years ago, before we had children, he began working on his Masters but then his career got in the way, we had children and generally life took over. So, now he is cracking the books (or these days, the computer) again. Some of you may remember I just finished my back in school experience…I think we just like writing checks to institutions of higher education. Hey, he should be finished with his Masters before DD goes to college!

All the Kings Men...

Last night as we were finishing up dinner my oldest DS looked at his Dad and asked if they could go sit on the porch and “talk”. That is code for NO GIRLS ALLOWED! I couldn’t help sneaking out and snapping a photo of this precious time.

Every so often they will go out and sit in the rockers or swing and have deep, manly discussions. This generally happens as the sun is setting and the heat of the day is lifting. The only thing missing might be a cigar and some Southern Comfort over ice (ha! Only kidding!!!). From what I gathered from youngest DS, who is just a spill the beans kind of kid they talk about the opposite sex during most of this time. When I asked him if he was learning anything he just said, “No, I don’t do much talking just pushing Daddy on the swing.”

"The Righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him."

Proversbs 20:7

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another magazine plug...

After I posted about my excitement concerning the return of Victoria Magazine I got a comment from Jessica over at She said she was interested in the magazine and I was just floored that she wasn’t familiar with it from its original publishing.

How can that be??? Doesn't she peruse Ebay for old copies???? Hasn't she threatened the members of her family not to touch her stack of old Victoria magazines because in the event of damage to a copy death or limb loss could occur???? Tell me????

I just loved that magazine and I know it developed an almost cult like following even after publication ceased. “Cult like” in the most elegant and sophisticated of ways, of course! The devoted following of Victoria kept at publishers and such; writing letters and making calls in the years since Victoria ceased publication. There are even online communities and Bulletin Boards dedicated to the lovers of Victoria. Thankfully, Hoffman Media (based out of Birmingham, AL), saw the market and took up the banner. That is why we are fortunate to be seeing a re-launch of this much beloved magazine.

Anyway, since apparently there are folks out there who have missed out on some of the wonderful magazines to which I am completely addicted (addicted in the most elegant and sophisticated of ways, of course!) I thought I would share about another of my favorites, Southern Lady. Yes, this is another of Hoffman Media’s fabulous publications - they also publish a lovely magazine called Tea Time and Cooking with Paula Deen. It is the closest thing to Victoria I was able to find after she went away. When I lived up north I couldn’t wait for my Southern Lady to arrive each month and after seeing my copies… I know several New York ladies who are now enthusiastic devotees as well. It is chock full of gorgeous photos and luscious recipes and always has terrific stories on traveling in the South, home d├ęcor, southern traditions (without this magazine how would I know to be planning a White Bible Ceremony for my children before their marriage????) and the wonderful people of the South. It even has a little bit of fashion thrown in for good measure! L-I-B!!! It captures the grace and spirit of my beloved Southland!

OK, you can do some magazine reading!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Friends that Blog....FTB?

Do you have any? I have a couple of friends who have blogs that I just love to read and keep up with what is going on with them. Hope you get a chance to drop in and say hi:

"Thoughts from a sassy southern mom and her sassy southern family" over at Honeysuckle and Cupcakes - not to mention her header just makes me munchie..... This is an IRL friend and I just love keeping up with her...she is a "sassy girl" in the best way!

The Beaufort Lookout is also another IRL friend that I just adore. She is an inspiring bit of Southern Spunk that we should all hope to be!

Another Southern IRL friend that you have to look into is Mizz Bliss, herself. She has the most amazing talent in finding jewels among the rubbish. Another "junker" of note is Mrs. G at Life at Number 17. She loves stuff and how can you not appreciate that:

These are just a few blogs that I read regularly and are IRL friends of mine. I have fortunately "met" through blogland lots of other friends and even if we never meet IRL I am so thankful for all they share and do to brighten my days.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Love and Marriage....

My youngest, DS#2, has always been more interested in family dynamics, marriage, children etc. than either of my other children. He loves babies and has a curiosity about smaller children I never saw with my older two. He often [AKA: frequently obsesses] about his family when he grows up….who he will marry, how many children he will have (12 currently), where they will live (Canada), and so on and so forth. I find this fascinating since we have never been the type of parents to encourage our children in that area. We have never been one of those families that asked about boy/girlfriends to our young children. But, DS#2 seems to be completely in tuned to the future need of such.

So, after swimming lessons last night DS#2 and I headed over to Longstreet for dinner, (his choice), and over a fried chicken leg and mac&cheese he notices a lady with her family who was most certainly ready to have a baby right then and there. The sight of that just opened the flood gates. DS#2 started out by being a bit concerned for her safety as one of her small sons tried to climb into her nonexistent lap, so I explained that when a baby is in a Mommy’s tummy that it is protected and it was highly unlikely that the little boy could hurt her or the baby in her tummy. I also pointed out that since the baby was so big in there that the Mommy’s tummy was pretty hard and not soft like normal tummies (guess you can tell we aren’t big into rock hard abs around here!). There was a gleam in DS#2’s eyes and I almost feared he was going to bolt over to have a feel himself…but, miracles do happen, and he stayed seated.

This observation of family brought out the saddened expression and heartfelt question, “What if I have to marry Hannah when I grow up?” (Hannah is a sweet – but strong willed - little girl who has proclaimed, to anyone who will listen that she is, indeed, going to marry DS#2). I wasn’t sure what to say other than to assure DS#2 he didn’t have to marry anyone he didn’t want to. DS#2 seemed relieved, though the wheels in his mind were still buzzing so, even though it is against my nature asked, “What kind of girl do you want to marry?” to which he thoughtfully replied, “Not a Sassy Girl!”

Never say he doesn’t know his own mind….Sassy Girls Need Not Apply!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It is time to sell

It maybe time...we have lived in this house longer than any of the other 5 homes we have owned since we got married.

This afternoon when the children and I got home from the mall (hey, it was a 126 degrees with 700% humidity...the mall was the place to be!) our dog was barking her big head off. She was in the back where we have a fence around a small portion of the back yard and our back patio just for her. When I looked over the deck to see what on earth she was barking at there was a huge - 5 or 6 foot black snake coiled in the corner of the patio striking at my dog! Now that I think about it, maybe it was more like 8 or even 10 feet long.

Don't give my any of that "black snakes are good snakes" hoopla...nope, not around here. And this isn't the 1st snake I have had to contend with...there were those 2 last fall right outside the garage. I think it might just be time to move.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day! We celebrated in a "low key" way. DH and I spent a very late Saturday night (or maybe that was early Sunday morning) at a lovely wedding reception so we slept in [as much as you can in the house of the 2 boys of the rising sun] on Sunday morning. In the afternoon we took DS#1 to camp in the mountains. After dropping him off we came back south and stopped into Dreamland BBQ for dinner After that we went to Lowe's (it WAS Father's Day, ya know) to pick up the supplies for the redo of DS#1's room we are going to tackle -as a surprise- while he is away this week.

I hope DH had a good day. He seemed to enjoy his very 1st pair of Crocs* (the "off road" version) and the kids got a kick out of Dad liking their kind of shoes.

It sounds kind of contrived but my DH is an amazing Dad. He has more energy and drive than any one person I have ever met. He works hard and plays hard [though his "play" looks a lot like work to alot of us!] and loves us all fully. He is the kind of Dad I think all children should that loves God 1st and his family 2nd. He leads our children in Bible study and prays over us all. He will get down in the floor to play Legos or go outside and throw a for 12 hours and then come home and take dd to play tennis and then sit on the side of the bed to read, pray and tuck them in (and listen to what ever is on their minds) at the end of the day, or just hold a child - or Mommy - that is having a hard time. He is involved in our community in things he feels strongly will make our world, and mostly our children's lives, a better place and will further God's Kingdom. He makes me want to be a better parent because he leads by example. I am blessed.

Friday, June 15, 2007

1st ever Friday Food tip....Very Clean Veggies

Don't panic...I realize I have never been a plethora of domestic tips but this one I couldn't pass up.

I am fanatical about washing produce. It completely "grosses me out" to think about all the yucky things it comes into contact with on the way to market, not to mention all the people handling it and sneezing on it, etc. (Yeah...I am a real fan of buffet type restaurants....NOT). So, I wash fruits and vegetables even if they are marked ready to eat and tend to buy FIT produce wash or some other fruit/veggie wash. Unfortunately, that is a bit pricey and sometimes I have a hard time finding the FIT but in the May 2007 issue of Southern Living magazine there was a great tip on a "cheaper" ***always a great thing!*** solution you can make at home:

  • Southern Living, May 2007, Page 194:

    "You may have noticed that our recipes utilizing bagged salad greens call for them to be "thoroughly washed." We added this phrase to our editing style after outbreaks of E. coli in spinach and salad. While rinsing under running water offers some protection against unsafe bacteria, Test Kitchens Food Scientist Kristi Michelle Crowe, PhD, offers some better suggestions.

    "Make a solution of 1-1/3 cups 3% hydrogen peroxide and 2-2/3 cups distilled water, and keep in a spray bottle in the kitchen," Kristi advises. "Spritz the greens with the solution, rinse with running water, then spin or pat them dry. Replace the solution once a week. It is an effective, budget-friendly solution to both expensive vegetable cleaners and to bleach, which the processors use."

    The peroxide solution works well on other vegetables, too, but Kristi says a good old-fashioned vegetable brush (used only for cleaning produce) and distilled water are good weapons against harmful bacteria.

    -- Donna Florio

In the words of the infamous "Martha"....It's a Good thing!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

'Mater Sandwiches...summer in the South.......

I managed to get a hold of a few home-gown, local tomatoes this week and let me tell you it was like Summer had finally arrived! 'Mater sandwiches are a staple for me during the summer and I am most choosy about how they are made. A perfect 'mater sandwich has the delicate combination of a slab of tomato, the right amount - not too much but definitely not too little - Blue Plate Mayonnaise (yes, I know some people don't eat Blue Plate but I just can't help them...Bless their little hearts! This coming from a girl who had Blue Plate shipped to her when she lived in the foreign land of New York where they think Kraft is mayo! Go figure!!!), salt and lots of pepper on fresh, WHITE bread.

Now, I realize lots of foodies out there are poo-pooing my recipe for the perfect 'mater sandwich but that is yet another thing for which I can't help... Bless their little hearts. I don't go for basil or mozzarella cheese or anything else when I want a true, southern 'mater sandwich. Oh yeah, that is a paper plate you see because in the summer I am all about paper plates!

The plain 'mater sandwich is a thing of beauty; pair it with a glass of iced tea and life doesn't get much better than that!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Marking the date......

Who was she before that day…and where did she go?
Did a storm roar upon the horizon and swallow her up?
Did she just run away that day?
Did she ever exist…and does anyone know?
Was she a mirage…just like the life she led?

Who was she before that day...and where did she go........