Saturday, June 9, 2007

'Mater Sandwiches...summer in the South.......

I managed to get a hold of a few home-gown, local tomatoes this week and let me tell you it was like Summer had finally arrived! 'Mater sandwiches are a staple for me during the summer and I am most choosy about how they are made. A perfect 'mater sandwich has the delicate combination of a slab of tomato, the right amount - not too much but definitely not too little - Blue Plate Mayonnaise (yes, I know some people don't eat Blue Plate but I just can't help them...Bless their little hearts! This coming from a girl who had Blue Plate shipped to her when she lived in the foreign land of New York where they think Kraft is mayo! Go figure!!!), salt and lots of pepper on fresh, WHITE bread.

Now, I realize lots of foodies out there are poo-pooing my recipe for the perfect 'mater sandwich but that is yet another thing for which I can't help... Bless their little hearts. I don't go for basil or mozzarella cheese or anything else when I want a true, southern 'mater sandwich. Oh yeah, that is a paper plate you see because in the summer I am all about paper plates!

The plain 'mater sandwich is a thing of beauty; pair it with a glass of iced tea and life doesn't get much better than that!!!


  1. My Mom used to eat these when I was a Kid. Brought back a good Memory. Thanks. I think my daughter would actually love them too. Jamie

  2. and the bread has to be fresh fresh fresh :)


    Yet to Have that First Tomato Sandwich

  3. I live in IN but think I was meant to live down South and I wonder if I am meant to be related to Paula Deen? Te-he! You southern gals shor know how to live!! Obviously by all your tearooms/parlors too! Enjoy your mater sandwich for me! By the way if Ii get down there one day I'll have to try your mayo! Lori

  4. Summer in the south...gotta love it!
    Believe it or not, my 76 mother in law wouldn't make tuna salad out of anything but MIRACLE WHIP.

  5. Can you believe I've never had a mater sandwich? Yes, it's true! Shocking news for a southern girl. I'm not a tomato lover. I love them cooked and in a salad. Hubby loves a good mater sandwich on white bread with Dukes mayo.

  6. This was so fun to read and learn a little about a Southern favorite...I have never eaten a Mater Sandwich...I don't suppose a BLT would count. No, too northern, I think...:D
    Never heard of Blue mean it's better than Best Foods and Kraft? But now I'm hungry for tomatoes...:)

  7. a thing of beauty, that is. reminds me of my beloved southern gram ♥
    i have to try Blue Plate now, thankyouverymuch!

  8. Being a daughter of a daddy from Kennesaw GA and a mom from Brooklyn I can say I have the best of both worlds when it comes to food. I have had Kraft and then there's Blue Plate. I prefer Blue Plate! You go girl!

  9. I love me a mater sandwich- but I must, I say, MUST indulge in it with a slice of Georgia vidalia onion!

  10. If you can't find Blue Plate (it isn't carried around here) then the next best thing (and only substitute in my book) is Duke's Mayo!! I too am still waiting on my first mater sandwich but daddy should have some maters soon!!

    With envy, Beaufort Belle

    (we have already had the homemade ice cream though :D )


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